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Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring

Our floors are 100% recycled from vintage barns, old commercial buildings, and other sustainable sources of reclaimed lumber. Every board is hand-crafted by hardwood floor artisans to produce a unique, distinctive floor. Learn more about our reclaimed wood flooring.

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What is Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring?

Plying a Nail for Reclaimed Wood FlooringAs the name suggests, reclaimed wide plank floors are sourced from various places and made of recycled wood rather than newly sourced lumber.

In the early 20th century, wood was the primary building material. Today, many of these woods that were once abundant are now only available through reclamation. While antique barns are one of the most popular sources for reclaimed and recycled wood, old timber is also retrieved from factories, old commercial buildings, and warehouses.

When wood is reclaimed to be used for hardwood flooring it is first carefully inspected for structural integrity. Once approved, the wood is re-milled and made into planks. Reclaimed wood flooring is typically stronger than new timber. It’s also unique in appearance, giving the room in which it’s installed an aged, vintage look that’s very desirable.

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Milling reclaimed wide plank

Reclaimed wood is a good choice for contractors and homeowners who want to be as eco-friendly as possible during the construction process. Recycled wood flooring contributes LEED points to your project and goes a long way towards helping to preserve the environment and our forests since these woods would have otherwise been incinerated or landfilled.

Recycled flooring also contributes to better indoor air quality because of its limited amounts of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions compared to traditional flooring.

Wide Plank Floor Supply offers a wide variety of reclaimed and antique flooring that is custom milled and designed to your specifications. Our floors are 100% recycled from vintage barns, old commercial buildings, and other sustainable sources of reclaimed lumber. Every board is hand-crafted by hardwood floor artisans to produce a unique, distinctive floor. Whether it’s an upscale urban vibe or a charming rustic feel, we can help you create the look you want.

Why Choose Reclaimed Flooring?

Now that you know what reclaimed flooring actually is, you might be wondering why it’s so popular right now. Here are just a few reasons:


Reclaimed wide plank floors are one of the most environmentally friendly flooring choices on the market.

Reclaimed wood floors are an important aspect of green building. They can contribute LEED credits to your project — certain reclaimed wood floors meet the “materials and resources” requirement and / or “certified wood” requirements for LEED credits.

Instead of creating demand for more trees to be cut down, reclaimed flooring puts old lumber to use. By choosing repurposed wood over freshly milled planks, you’re helping to combat deforestation.

If you choose reclaimed wood from domestic sources, you’re also eliminating some of the carbon footprint involved in shipping wood overseas.

But even if you’d prefer to purchase an exotic species for your flooring, you can still be eco-friendly. By selecting a reclaimed exotic species, you’re repurposing wood instead of creating more demand for a possibly endangered species.

Engineered reclaimed flooring is even more eco-friendly than solid reclaimed wood. One beam can be turned into ten planks when making engineered flooring, which leads to a reduced need for lumber.


Trees that grew before the 20th century weren’t subject to nearly as much air pollution and negative human involvement as the trees growing now. This means that wood coming from older growth (i.e., reclaimed wood) is stronger than wood harvested from new growth.

Reclaimed wood is typically stronger (by up to 40 Janka hardness points) and more durable than wood milled from new growth.


Another benefit of reclaimed floors is that they’re in style. The “distressed” look is all the rage right now, and this applies to flooring preferences as well.

Reclaimed wood fits right into the rustic, distressed category — it’s authentically worn down by Mother Nature and years of wear and tear. Reclaimed floors have a lot of history, with original stains, nail holes, and insect damage that amplifies the distressed look of the flooring.

Since they’re vintage floors, reclaimed wood flooring is excellent for people who want to create a worn, down-home look.

Reclaimed Flooring Projects

Douglas fir and reclaimed pine wide plank floors

Beachside Property

We were elated to see our custom combination Douglas fir and reclaimed heart pine wide plank flooring go to good use in this beautiful beach home on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

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Point Pleasant

A Truly Rustic Look

This is an engineered, reclaimed, skip planed white oak specified exterior barn wood floor prefinished with Bona Naturale installed in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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