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Hickory Wide Plank Flooring

Hailed for its natural beauty and durability, hickory is a one-of-a-kind species. Hickory wide plank flooring is well-known for its stunning color variation. The sapwood and the heartwood of the tree vary from a light, almost tan color, to a deep, rich brown. With a Janka hardness rating,  of 1820, hickory is 41% harder than Northern red oak. It’s also a very dense wood with above average shock resistance. President Andrew Jackson earned the nickname “Old Hickory” for his resilience and tough attitude.

Natural-grade hickory wide plank hardwood floors typically contain numerous character markings and knots that make hickory truly stand out from other species. Wide planks are particularly suited for this species because they really show off the grain detail and character markings.

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Hickory wide plank floors offer fantastic color variation from the stark contrast between the characteristics of the sapwood and heartwood. Paired with an abundance of natural character markings, a hickory wide plank floor is perfect for cultivating a rustic look that’s full of personality. You can use these floors to create a cozy cabin look in any environment. Distressing or hand scraping the floor will further enhance the unique, homely quality of hickory.

You can either have your hickory floor stained to match the existing style of your home or choose a natural, matte finish that puts the character of the floor front and center. Our wide plank flooring experts are on deck to help you create the perfect custom hickory wide plank floors for your project.

No matter which kind of treatment you select, when you choose hickory you’re getting a durable floor that will withstand heavy foot traffic and other tests. As far as species go, hickory is one of the most pet and kid-friendly flooring options.

Choose hickory if you’re looking for a floor with significant durability, color variation, and rustic character. We have hickory natural floors for those looking to let the character of the floor shine through, hickory tobacco floors for those looking for a darker look in their floors, and everything in between. Contact us today for a quote and we will help you bring your custom hickory wide plank floors to life.