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Maple Wide Plank Flooring

Hard maple is commonly used as sport flooring because rather than denting, it springs back in response to the weight of an athlete. It can handle quite a bit of abuse from pets, kids, and daily wear-and-tear. Install maple flooring in an area with heavy traffic and let it impress you with its twin benefits of durability and natural charm.

Natural maple wide plank floors bring elegance to any room with their clean, smooth, light appearance. The graining pattern of natural maple is similar to that of American cherry, and the hues range from light, creamy white to a reddish-brown.

Maple wide plank floors don’t have a ton of natural character, which gives them a smooth, “clean” look that you won’t find in most other species. Maple is known for its relatively subtle grain and character markings.

A maple floor has an overall bright look, making it perfect for a room where you would like to cultivate a light, airy look that is typical of Scandanavian-influenced interior design.

Maple is a durable species, which makes it suitable for areas of your home that get a lot of use and foot traffic, such as living or family rooms, the kitchen, stairways, and anywhere else that may see a lot of activity. Paired with the right floor finish, maple can hold up to most any situation.

We offer wide plank maple floors in select and character grades. A select grade maple floor will give you an almost completely uniform look, with minimal character markings and color variation between planks. A character grade maple floor will give you slightly more markings and a difference in color tones, which is better for cultivating a more rustic look. Compared to other species such as hickory and white oak, this floor will have fewer character markings overall. If you’re interested in a custom wide plank maple floor, contact us today for a quote.