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Distressed Wide Plank Flooring

Distressed wide plank flooring is created by taking perfectly good planks and using a variety of tools to create character markings like kerf marks and nailholes, creating an authentic reclaimed look. You can do the distressing yourself or ask your manufacturer to complete this step for you. Distressed wood floors are a great option if the species you’d like is not very popular and is therefore hard to find in a reclaimed variety. Learn more.

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About Distressed Flooring

Why distressed wood?

Prefinished Engineered White Oak Character Skipped Planed Black Bleed Custom

Wide Plank distressed wood flooring is beautifully worn and uniquely rustic, making it the perfect candidate for adding traditional charm to any space. Distressed reclaimed flooring is typically rife with nail holes, worm holes, and kerf marks, and it features the aged patina of the wood.

Distressed wide plank flooring is perfect for establishing a homey, intimate atmosphere, whether you’re looking to install the floor in a home, café/restaurant, or any public-facing business.

The distressed style is increasingly gaining traction in the interior design industry––it is treasured for its traditional appeal.

Adding distressed flooring to a room will take its natural charm to new heights. It harkens back to a time when spaces were lit by candlelight and wood floors were hand-cut with care.

When you select reclaimed distressed flooring, you’re also getting a durability advantage. Reclaimed wood is actually stronger than newly milled wood because trees harvested during the 20th century were not subject to as much pollution as newer trees. This means that wood coming from older growth is stronger than wood harvested from new growth.

Where does distressed wide plank flooring come from?

Distressed Wood FloorReclaimed distressed wood flooring comes from barns, old warehouses, and old houses that have been torn down. We offer custom reclaimed wide plank floors that are carefully sourced from these places and then hand-crafted by artisans to amplify their distinctive look.

These floors really show their history with the original nailholes and general wear from years of use, along with the embellishments added by the artisans to recreate distinctive features like kerf marks and hand-scraped edges.

Reclaimed, distressed wood flooring is eco-friendly

When you select reclaimed wood, you are doing the environment a favor. You are choosing to recycle wood and keep it in use instead of contributing to the demand for fresh lumber.

Our reclaimed products are 100% recycled and they come from domestic sources, which contributes less emissions than the process of importing exotic hardwood floors from overseas.

Because of this, choosing reclaimed wood flooring can also contribute LEED points to your projects.

Reclaimed distressed wood flooring is a great choice because you get to preserve the history of the wood, save the environment, and get a stylish floor all at the same time.

Want to replicate the distressed reclaimed look?

If you don’t want to use reclaimed wood in your flooring project but still want to achieve the distressed look, custom wide plank distressed floors are also available. These are freshly milled floors that are crafted to replicate the reclaimed look.

We can create custom distressed wood flooring in a variety of species, styles, finishes, and cuts.

Customize your floors

Our custom (new) distressed wide plank floors are available in a number of species, from American cherry to yellow birch, and many of them are available in either solid or engineered varieties. They’re also available in a number of different lengths so you can find the perfect option for your next project.

Reclaimed wood floors are available in reclaimed heart pine or an oak mix, and they can be either in solid or engineered. Go with reclaimed oak for a traditional look, or reclaimed heart pine for rich hues and knotty boards. Choose from unfinished reclaimed flooring for ultimate customizability, or select a prefinished floor for an easy install and a lasting finish.

To add to the floor’s distressed look, you can choose an unfinished floor and further customize it by opting to apply a gray-aged stain. If you’d rather not do this on-site, we can take care of it at the mill. Our in-house customization capabilities are nearly limitless.

With so many options available, it’s easy to create the floor of your dreams. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that you will receive a quality product that has been carefully crafted by artisans.

Browse the gallery below for a closer look at your distressed wood flooring options or view our full selection of wide plank distressed flooring.