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Red Oak Wide Plank Flooring

The graining pattern of red oak wide plank flooring is straight, consistent, and tight. The heartwood is brown with a reddish hue, while the sapwood is usually very light, ranging from white to light pink patina.

Red oak flooring serves as the industry standard to which the hardness ratings of all other woods are typically compared. With a Janka hardness rating of 1290, wide plank red oak flooring is quite a durable species.

In terms of customizability, red oak flooring can be stained, but it is more difficult to stain than white oak. If you would like to customize your floors with a darker stain, go with white oak over red. Red oak has very little naturally occurring tannin, so there’s little risk of interaction with certain staining techniques.

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Red oak wide plank floors feature beautiful reddish hues ranging from a light pink to a deep, rich brown that are sure to delight. Whether you’re looking for wide plank floors to install in a residential or commercial setting, red oak is a species that should be on your list to consider. Red oak is a very durable species, allowing this floor to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Red oak’s durability, ubiquity in North America, and beauty make it a popular flooring choice.

Natural red oak wide plank flooring offers a timeless, classic look that fits into almost any setting, but it can also be stained and treated to create a new and unique look. Red oak harvest gold imbues the floor with rich golden hues, while red oak dark walnut provides the floor with a darker profile. These are just a few examples of the red oak flooring treatments we have available. In fact, our wide plank flooring experts can create a completely custom color profile to meet your exact specifications, and you can have the floor distressed or wire-brushed to add additional visual interest.

The staining of custom wide plank floors is handled by our wide plank experts. Contact us today to learn more about our red oak wide plank floors.