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White Oak Wide Plank Flooring

The fine graining pattern of white oak gives the wood traditional appeal. Wide planks further contribute to the rustic look of white oak floors. The heartwood is light to medium brown, while the sapwood is usually white to light brown in color.  The tyloses in white oak are relatively open, allowing white oak to readily accept stains and paints. White oak is a sustainable species because it is abundant in the continental United States. Therefore, the carbon footprint of white oak is less than that of exotic species. White oak is more dimensionally stable than red oak, so choose white over red for added strength and less fluctuation in the wood.

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White oak is a versatile species and for that reason, it’s one of the more popular wide plank species choices. If you want to achieve a specific look in your floors using stains or wood floor treatments, white oak is a great choice because its naturally neutral appearance makes it easier for the wood to take to almost any stain color or variety. With white oak, you have the choice of either preserving its stunning natural look or creating something completely different to suit your particular style.

White oak has a lot of character, including knots and a strong graining pattern, all of which you can highlight by using a matte natural oil finish. White oak is also a great choice if you’d like to have a handscraped, reclaimed, or distressed floor because these treatments will enhance the natural rustic character of the oak.

The benefit of purchasing white oak wide plank floors from Wide Plank Floor Supply is that we source only the highest quality wood for our floors. We work with you directly to create the custom flooring you’re looking for.

We offer wide plank white oak floors in a variety of treatments, from a completely neutral look such as a white oak natural floor to a very dark appearance like white oak tobacco floors, and everything in between, including gray-washed white oak floors. Our wide plank experts will work with you to create completely custom wood floor treatments and stains to fit the needs of your project. Contact us today to learn more about our custom white oak wide plank floors.