Treatment: Hand Planed & Hand Scraped Wide Plank Flooring

Hand Planed & Hand Scraped 1
  • About Treatment: Hand Planed & Hand Scraped

    Hand-scrapped – Also known as “hand-planing”. Hand-scraping adds a rustic element to the appearance of the floors by making them look older and timeworn. This look is ideal for restoration projects or for clients who would like to invoke a rustic or country style with their floors. Hand-scraping involves scraping the wood with a special tool to create a textured, worn-in appearance. This can be done DIY-style, but it’s best to have it done by a professional. Boards can be hand-scraped on-site, or you can purchase floors that are already hand-scraped to save time. Hand-scraped floors are becoming increasingly popular due to the rustic look that they add to the floors. Hand-scraped wide plank wood flooring makes a floor look like it’s much older than it actually is, producing an authentic vintage look in new wide plank boards.

    Hand-scraping can be done on any species of wood.

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