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Our Process

We want you to know what goes into producing our wide plank floors, so we’re going behind the scenes and take you step-by-step through the process at our mill. We hope that this tour will give you a full understanding of the craftsmanship and hard work that goes into creating each and every wide plank hardwood floor that we send out.

Logs used for flooring

Step 1: Logs arrive at our mill

The trees that go into making our wide plank hardwood floors are hand-selected from local forests in order to ensure the best possible quality and integrity in the floors that we craft. Because these trees grew in the colder region of the northern United States, they produce hardier, more dimensionally stable wood than trees grown elsewhere in the continental U.S.

Debarking logs

Step 2: Debark logs

After the logs arrive at the mill, the first step is to debark them using a machine that preserves the integrity of the wood.

Milling floor boards

Step 3: Mill into planks

The logs are then squared in order to begin forming the planks. We are careful to ensure that our cuts emphasize the natural beauty of the wood. You can read more about the wood grading process here.

Cut floor board length

Step 4: Cut to length

The planks are then cut down to the proper length, after which they are hand-graded by a wood flooring professional.

Kiln drying floor boards

Step 5: Kiln-dry

We are dedicated to making sure that you get the highest quality floors possible. To this end, all of the planks are kiln-dried for added stability.

Hand inspection floor plank

Step 6: Hand-inspect

Each plank is then meticulously hand-inspected by a professional. Any defects are marked to ensure that you receive only the highest-quality planks for your project, and to guarantee that each plank is consistent with its grade.

Rip floor board

Step 7: Rip floor board

The planks are then straight-line ripped to create a tighter joint and proper tongue-and-groove alignment. This allows for a stable, more durable floor.

Glue and press engineered flooring

Step 8: Glue and press

We put the same amount of care into creating our engineered floors as we do our unfinished floors. During this step, the boards are prepared for the glue-and-press process. Our mill has truly unique engineered flooring capabilities, so we do everything to ensure that your engineered wide plank floors will be a source of beauty for years to come.

Pressing floor board

Step 9: Check thickness

Next, the planks go through the thickness planer. This process ensures that the planks are flawlessly consistent.

End matching floor planks

Step 10: End-match

The boards are then end-matched. We end-match all of our flooring regardless of length or width. The process of end-matching involves trimming each plank as well as milling tongues and groove on the ends of each plank. This reduces installation time and provides a consistent appearance throughout the floor. End-matching also creates a very stable board joint, which helps to ensure the longevity and integrity of the floor.

Planks bundled for shipping

Step 11: Bundle for shipping

Once the boards have undergone their proper treatments, are the right length and thickness, and our wood floor experts are satisfied with their quality, the planks are bundled to prepare for shipping.

Customization and Craftsmanship

We have extensive capabilities here at our mill when it comes to customization and craftsmanship. We can most likely accommodate your project needs — whether you’re looking for…

Denailed reclaimed flooring

A de-nailed, reclaimed wide plank floor for a rustic, artisanal look.

resawed floor plank

A re-sawed floor for a uniquely traditional appeal.

Custom floor finish

Or custom finishes and stains right here at the mill for an authentic, hand-finished look.

Find the Perfect Plank

We can make almost any of your project demands come to fruition. We always put the ultimate care and consideration into creating our handcrafted wide plank floors to ensure you end up with a product that you are 100% satisfied with.

Click here to browse our selection of wide plank hardwood floors to find a beautiful floor that is perfect for your project. We offer prefinished, unfinished, engineered, solid, and reclaimed wide plank floors in a variety of species and styles.

For truly stunning results and flooring that you can trust, choose Wide Plank Floor Supply for your next project.