Longleaf Heart Pine Wide Plank Flooring

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  • Product Specs

    Plank Face Width:6" - 12"
    Plank Thickness:3/4" Solid, 5/8" and 3/4" Engineered
    Plank Length:18" - 10' Random Lengths, 2' - 10' Random Lengths, 3' - 10' Random Lengths, 4' - 10' Random Lengths
    Grade:Knotty, C and better
    Profile:Tongue and Groove
    Special Features/Options:Pre-Finished, Reclaimed, or New Growth Available
    Janka Hardness Rating:870
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About Longleaf Heart Pine Flooring

Longleaf heart pine offers the traditional look of pine wide plank flooring with added durability.

“Long leaf” refers to the elongated grouped needles of this conifer, resembling more of a shaped leaf. The way that the tree is milled makes the knot become a prominent part of the planks. The “heart” part of the name refers to the fact that this flooring is derived from the heartwood of the tree, which results in an orange-red color in the flooring and relatively high durability. This species is one of several grouped in the “Southern Yellow Pine” or “Long Leaf” yellow pine category.

Longleaf heart pine flooring works well in applications similar to “hit or miss” flooring. This species of wood was typically found in older homes from the 1800s, so it’s ideal for those interested in a unique decor that harkens back to earlier times.

Longleaf pine is similar in character to white pine, but the wood is denser the longleaf pine tree contains more sap. With a Janka hardness rating of 870, longleaf is still a softwood, but it is more durable than eastern white pine.