Red Birch

Red Birch 1
  • Product Specs

    Plank Face Width:5"
    Plank Thickness:3/4 solid
    Plank Length:1'to 7' Random Lengths
    Profile:Tongue and Groove
    Special Features/Options:Plain Sawn, Pre-Finished Available
    Product Information:Download Specifications
  • Red Birch flooring comes from yellow birch trees, but the flooring that bears this name in particular is specifically pulled from the heartwood of any birch tree, exhibiting a rich, reddish hue. Red Birch flooring offers extraordinarily warm tones that will make a statement in any space it is installed.

    Like American Cherry, Red Birch provide dimensional stability and is often a good choice for environments where humidity fluctuations throughout the year.

    Individuals choose Red Birch flooring for its smooth even texture, however it is common to enjoy a few curly or wavy patterns present in the grain of some of its planks. In certain lighting, Red Birch Select floors can give off a distinct, golden luster that compliments any interior.


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