Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Reclaimed Oak Flooring
  • Product Specs

    Plank Face Width:6" - 12"
    Plank Thickness:3/4" Solid, 5/8" and 3/4" Engineered
    Plank Length:18" - 10' Random Lengths, 2' - 10' Random Lengths, 3' - 10' Random Lengths, 4' - 10' Random Lengths
    Profile:Tongue and Groove
    Special Features/Options:Milled Face - Smooth, Original Face, Pre-Finished Available
    Janka Hardness Rating:1360 (White Oak); 1290 (Northern Red Oak)
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About Reclaimed Oak Flooring

White oak and red oak are both hailed for their traditional appeal. Reclaimed varieties of these floors amplify the classic look of oak, bringing warmth and character to any space.

White oak is a traditional American flooring choice. The knots, the light hues, the rustic character — it all comes together to produce a timeless look. Its counterpart red oak possesses naturally rich hues and a depth of character that is difficult to come by in other species.

The reclaimed variety of these species amplify their traditional appeal and makes either one the perfect route to a rustic look — it’s up to you to make a judgment call between the two.

White oak is more water resistant than red oak because of its closed cell system, so it’s better to install in outdoor applications, bathrooms, and kitchens. And although both varieties of oak can be stained, the fact that white oak has less naturally-occurring tannins means that it more readily accepts dark stains.

Since the wood is reclaimed, you can expect knotholes, wormholes, and other mild defects, which contribute to its rustic appearance.

Whether you select white or red, our reclaimed oak floors are sure to light up any room with their classic appeal.