Reclaimed Heart Pine On Kiawah Island

Beachside Property

We were elated to see our custom combination douglas fir and reclaimed heart pine wide plank flooring go to good use in this beautiful beach home on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Meet the Homeowners

Homeowners, Alison and Gerry Frey, hand-picked a neutral toned floor that would give them the opportunity to play around with paint and furniture options. This wood originated in Louisiana and ended up in a manufacturing plant owned by Gerry Frey, who consulted with the Wide Plank Floor Supply team. We turned this wood into reclaimed flooring, capturing the Frey’s vision and creating a welcoming beachside atmosphere.

Our Process

We chose engineered flooring for this project due to the humidity fluctuations experienced in a beachside environment; engineered floors have more stability and will resist cupping and crowning that solid floors are susceptible to. The planks used are mixed width, from 8″ – 15″. Our custom wide plank mill is uniquely suited to create floors over 8″ wide due to the fact that our floors are custom-made for each project; creating a unique appeal that is not mass-produced.

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