Maple Antique Mahogany Wide Plank Flooring

Maple Antique Mahogany
  • Product Specs

    Plank Face Width:6" - 8"
    Plank Thickness:3/4" Solid, 5/8" and 3/4" Engineered
    Plank Length:18" - 10' Random Lengths, 2' - 10' Random Lengths, 3' - 10' Random Lengths, 4' - 10' Random Lengths
    Grade:1st and 2nd
    Special Features/Options:Pre-Finished Available
    Janka Hardness Rating:1450
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About Maple Antique Mahogany Flooring

Maple Antique Mahogany saturates the natural colors of maple to a deeper yellow-brown. This flooring would fit nicely in a modern home and would be accented well with darker décor.

Natural maple wide plank floors bring elegance to any room with their clean, smooth, light appearance. The graining pattern of natural maple is similar to that of American cherry, and the hues range from light, creamy white to a reddish brown.

Don’t let maples attractive appearance fool you—hard natural maple is commonly used as sports flooring, which means it can spring back without denting. If you’re in need of flooring that can weather pets, kids, and other heavy traffic, this flooring may be the right style for your home.