Barn wood flooring in a dining room

Flooring repurposed from old barns is known as barn wood flooringBarn wood is one of the most popular types of reclaimed flooring. Barn wood is often used in wide plank reclaimed floorboards because most barns were built with planks over 8 inches wide, so they have a more natural, traditional appeal than typical strip flooring.

Barn wood reclaimed floors are visually striking: they contain nail holes, character markings, and the original patina of the wood. All of these features combine to provide an authentically traditional, rustic hardwood floor.

To create our barn wood flooring, our Reclaimed Flooring Mill in Lancaster County sources a wood from older barns and storage sheds. In addition to reclaimed barn wood, we offer vintage flooring sourced from old factories, commercial facilities, and older homes.

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When choosing reclaimed wood that is intended for hardwood flooring, we first carefully inspect it to ensure its structural integrity. Our custom reclaimed flooring is then cut and re-milled according to the specifications of each individual project to ensure that you receive a floor that meets your needs.

Believe it or not, reclaimed wood flooring is typically stronger than new timber. This ensures that your floors will have integrity and longevity for years to come.

Our reclaimed floors are also eco-friendly. They are 100% recycled, so they reduce some of the demand for freshly milled wood. And because they are sourced from domestic trees, the emissions that go into manufacturing and shipping reclaimed barn wood floors are much lower than the emissions associated with importing exotic wood floors.

If you would prefer the authenticity of a barn wood floor with the added convenience of a shorter installation process, prefinished reclaimed barn wood flooring is an excellent option.

Barn wood reclaimed flooring provides an artisanal look that is difficult – if not impossible – to replicate. While there are other less expensive options like freshly milled prefinished wide plank floors, custom reclaimed wide plank flooring is truly the best way to achieve an authentic rustic look and feel that will add true character to any space.

Check out some of our ideas for reclaimed wide plank floors to explore their profound versatility or visit the reclaimed page to see a complete list of products.

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