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Prefinished Wide Plank Flooring

Prefinished wide plank floors are a great option when you need a more durable floor than the typical solid wood wide plank floor. Prefinished floors are customizable and exhibit all of the beauty of a site-finished solid wide plank floor, with the added benefits of extra durability and stability. When you work with Wide Plank Floor Supply, you can have your prefinished wide plank floors completely customized by our wide plank experts. Choose the perfect species, color, and treatment to complement your style.

About Prefinished Flooring

Engineered, prefinished wide plank floors are a great choice for situations where you need extra durability and stability. Due to a stable layer of plywood in the middle of the board, engineered prefinished floors don’t fluctuate as much as solid floors in response to humidity and temperature changes. This is especially important when working with wide plank floors because as the planks increase in width, they lose a certain amount of stability.

Choosing an engineered prefinished wide plank floor helps you get ahead of potential issues caused by humidity fluctuations. Because of their extra stability, these floors are also suitable for installation in a below-grade environment like a basement. The UV-cured polyurethane finish on top further enhances the durability of a prefinished wide plank floor. These floors are simply built to last in every way possible.

With our high-quality prefinished wide plank floors, you don’t have to compromise on quality or appearance. Contact us today for a custom quote.