Gray Wide Plank


Gray has recently gained popularity as the design industry’s preferred neutral tone for carpeting and tile. This cool tone compliments almost every color pallet and adds an element of sophistication to any décor. The color gray is especially popular with the high-end crowd, so it makes sense that wide plank hardwood floors would trend in that direction as well.

Adding a gray washed stain to wide plank floors is one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry. Gray stains can help to accentuate the floor’s natural beauty by showcasing the grains and texture of the wood. The coloring is neutral enough to go with any type of decorating style.

Choose from light grays to deep charcoals and virtually every tone in between. Wire brushed and hand-scraped finishes can also add interest to gray floors giving them an authentically weathered look.

Whitewashed Hardwood Flooring

Marthas Vineyard Vintage Gray-Ash Select 6

Martha’s Vineyard Vintage Gray-Ash Select 6

Whitewashed hardwood floors are back in vogue. Today’s whitewashed hardwood floors have a more contemporary look and are often finished with a touch of gray. Oil rubbed and wire-brushed finishes are also popular choices for whitewashed wide plank floors, as the low gloss sheen offers a casual shabby-chic appearance.

Whitewashed hardwood floors are perfect for a beach home or summer retreat, as the lighter tones in the wood provide a cozy vintage look. Paired with softer furnishings, whitewashed floors can help to create an ambience of peace and serenity in any space.

Choosing the Right Type of Gray Flooring

While the gray finishing technique can be used on most species of wood, it is most popularly used on white oak, ash, and hickory.  The flooring style provides a sleek, modern base to any room and is neutral enough to match any interior design style or color palette.

When the sun shines on gray hardwood flooring, hints of a warm brown tones may be revealed to create a welcoming feeling for rooms of any style.

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