Wood floors have been on trend for a while now, but what are the current trends in wood flooring? Between the different color options and the size of the boards, there are so many different styles to choose from for your wood flooring. The goal here is to take a look at some of these most popular trends so that you can get inspired for looks in your own home.

Dark/Cool-Toned Hardwood Floors

Hickory molasses wide plank flooring

Hickory Molasses Wide Plank Flooring

There has been a growing trend in terms of hardwood flooring with dark and cool tones. This is a popular choice for people who don’t mind the higher maintenance required to keep these floors looking amazing, since dark hardwood floors more readily show dust, dirt, and scratches. One darker colored option is true black or a similar stain, for that ultimate, dark look that simply can’t be topped. Other options include coffee, ebony, or tobacco.

Maple Hardwood Floors

Maple Natural Wide Plank Flooring

Maple hardwood floors are growing increasingly popular. Maple wood flooring has a distinct look to it, with curly patterns and straight lines that create an elegant look to the flooring. Maple hardwoods are great because they are also very durable, so you know that these floors are going to last you a long time.

Distressed Wood Floors

White Oak Spanish Oak Stain Distressed Wide Plank Flooring

White Oak Spanish Oak Distressed Wide Plank Flooring

Distressed wide plank flooring has been around for a while, but it has recently seen a surge in popularity. This type of flooring goes through a specialized process that artificially ages the flooring to give it that distressed look. This type of flooring is especially popular in homes that lean towards the rustic aesthetic. Distressed flooring creates a look of history and tells a story without it being physically older flooring.

Grays and Gray Blends

White Oak Southport Fishing Village Wide Plank Flooring

White Oak Southport Fishing Village Wide Plank Flooring

Gray hardwood flooring offers a nice modern look to the space, offering sleek sophistication. There are so many different shades of gray within this category including brown gray or beige-gray tones or darker charcoal colors. It all depends on the type of look that you would like to convey in your space.

Wider Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring, in general, is a trend that isn’t going to be going away anytime soon. The trend is shifting towards planks that are even wider and longer Wide plank flooring is a popular option because it can make rooms look larger and even more open. They also have a more contemporary look to them that can enhance the look of any space.

Wood Floor Patterns

People are used to the standard way that flooring is laid out. However, these days people want to add some extra personality to the space and laying the flooring in patterns. The most popular choices seems to be either going with a herringbone or chevron pattern, just a couple of the many unique wood floor patterns that you can choose from. Traditionally these patterns were laid out with narrow strip flooring, but contractors and homeowners who are looking for a more contemporary feel are increasingly using wide planks to create beautiful patterns in their wood floors.  

Natural and Lighter Floors

Longleaf Heart Pine Wide Plank Floor

Longleaf Heart Pine Wide Plank Floor

As homeowners continue to favor floors that contain natural character markings, it makes sense that cooler, lighter, and more natural tones in finish and stains are another trend that has developed in recent years. These are great options because it can brighten up the space and offers a nice contemporary look in the space. Natural finishes are especially popular with flooring that contains a lot of character, such as knots and burls, that the homeowner would like to show off rather than cover up. These are also lower maintenance than dark flooring. 

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