The coastal style is all about that feeling of peace you get from being near the water. Neutral tones and items that inspire themes of relaxing, easy living are most often used in this design style.

If you’re looking to cultivate a coastal style in your space, read on.

All white everything – For a coastal style space, white cabinets paired with a white marble kitchen island and counters will certainly make the statement you’re looking for. A beige or blue wall can offset the whiteness of the room for added dimension. 

Floor-wise, white or gray wide plank floors is the best way to go if you’d like to achieve that beachy, coastal feel and commit your whole space to it. These floors will match with the neutral colors in the rest of the space to really complete the look, and the wider planks will work to open up the space, giving it that breezy feel that you’ll find in shore homes.

Photo by O’Neil Industries Inc.

Get nautical, but don’t go overboard. Keep the nautical-themed room decor tasteful. Consider some blue-and-white striped pillows, throw blankets, and other items, but be careful not to put too many beach-themed signs and trinkets like seashells and anchors around to the point where you overwhelm the space at the risk of it looking kitschy or tacky. Unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for!

Furniture colors: Generally you’ll want to choose from light brown or wood finishes, white, beige, and other neutral tones. In this case, staying neutral when selecting furniture is your best bet, along with the occasional navy, light blue, or sea-glass green piece. 

Consider wood for more than just the floors: Think of incorporating wood into other areas of the home like bedframes. Reclaimed, weathered driftwood pieces and exposed wood beams are great for contributing to the coastal feel of the space. 

Photo by William Guidero Planning and Design

Extras – You can also give a nod to coastal living through the artwork you choose for the space. Black-and-white photography of beaches, driftwood, and other sea-related items would do well in terms of helping to cultivate a coastal feel in the space.

With all of this in mind, you’ll be on your way to cultivating the coastal style in your space, even if it’s nowhere near the beach! Browse our selection of gray wide plank floors to help complete the look of your coastal space, or call us at 877-697-5265 to speak with a wide plank flooring expert.

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