Patterned wooden floors like herringbone and parquet were common in many older Victorian buildings. However, you may be wondering whether these styles are still relevant today. Are they a current trend, or a fad that should stay in the past? These are great questions.

There are many who say that patterned wooden floors have been around for centuries and will never go out of fashion. While we can’t answer whether any type of flooring will be in style tomorrow, we can tell you what the patterned flooring options are out there right now. Patterned wood floors have actually made a huge comeback in the past few years, so it’s important to know what your options are.

Herringbone Floors 

Herringbone wood floors

The herringbone pattern has an interesting history. Paved roads throughout the Roman Empire were typically created with an interlocking herringbone pattern to make them stronger.

Herringbone floors have been in fashion for centuries, providing a warm and natural look that is pleasing to the eye. They are an eye-catching alternative to plain wood floors. 

A classic choice for a herringbone wood floor would be white oak. Try walnut floors if you’re looking for a darker look. 

Chevron floors 

Chevron wood floors

Herringbone and chevron wood floors look pretty similar, but there are notable differences. Herringbone planks are arranged at a 90 degree angle, but chevron planks are not. Chevron floors produce an inverted “V”-shape.

Chevron wood floors first rose to prominence during 16th century Europe.

This pattern creates a bold look no matter which species you choose. Try distressed wide plank floors to augment the dramatic, traditional look of this pattern.

What’s the difference between chevron vs. herringbone floors?

Though they might look similar at first glance, herringbone and chevron floors have distinct differences:

Chevron pattern: In a chevron pattern, the floorboards are cut at an angle (usually 45 degrees) on both ends, creating a continuous “V” shape when laid out. The planks are aligned with the points of each “V” meeting, giving the impression of arrows pointing in a single direction. This pattern creates a sense of movement and direction in the room, and it can make a space appear longer or wider.

Herringbone pattern: Herringbone flooring consists of rectangular floorboards laid in a zigzag pattern. Each plank is laid at a 90-degree angle to the adjacent one, creating a repeating pattern that resembles the bones of a fish (hence the name “herringbone”). Unlike the chevron pattern, the ends of the planks in a herringbone floor are not cut at an angle, and the planks are not aligned in a continuous “V” shape. The herringbone pattern has a more intricate and classic appearance compared to the chevron pattern.

Both patterns can create a visually striking and sophisticated look in a room, but the choice between chevron and herringbone largely depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic. Chevron tends to feel more contemporary and dynamic, while herringbone offers a timeless and classic appeal.

Parquet floors

Parquet Floors

Parquet floors are another classic pattern that can be found in wood floors. Reminiscent of wooden tiles, parquet is created by arranging wood planks in a square pattern. Parquet was popular in the 1960’s and also during the 17th century in Europe, where it was often installed in the homes of aristocrats. 

In fact, there is a particular type of parquet pattern called the Versailles pattern because a similar pattern was used in the flooring throughout––you guessed it––the Palace of Versailles. 

Parquet floors bring an elevated, sophisticated charm to the space wherever they are installed.

Can you use patterns in wide plank floors?

Although patterned wood floors are typically installed using narrower strip flooring, you certainly can create a patterned wood floor with wide planks. Make sure you have a qualified wood floor contractor to do the work for you. Check out City Floor Supply’s Find a Contractor program if you need help finding a local contractor who can install patterned floors for you. 

Although patterned wood floors have been around for centuries, they’re still relevant today and can help cultivate a bold look in nearly any space. If you’re considering using wide plank floors for your patterned wood floor project, contact us to speak with a wood floor professional and request a quote.

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