19th Century Home & Wine Cellar

A Home with History

This lovely home in Edgmont was purchased out of an estate after the heirs of the property passed away. The 19th century home was originally part of a hayloft to a barn and renovated later by its homeowners. Old photos depict husband and wife pouring foundations, laying stone, and framing their house. It was these photos that swayed the newest owner’s to reconsider demolishing the house, instead opting to use the existing home as the foundation of a 18 month renovation and addition project.

Our Process

For several rooms, cumaru 5″ wide plank floors were selected for durability, color, and traditional beauty. 5″ red oak, American cherry, maple, and Brazilian cherry can also be found throughout the bedrooms, kitchen, office, and hallways.

The wine cellar, originally the boiler room for a coal chute, was constructed using American walnut from a fallen tree on the property. As a special 25th anniversary gift from husband to wife, the wood was cut into boards, finished with WOCA hardening European oil, and laid by father and son.