If you’ve spent the summer in your vacation home and you’re starting to think about installing new wide plank floors, fall or winter is a great time to do so. Start planning for the project now that the summer is over! You might want to think about speeding up your timeline to make sure you have as much time as possible, so consider having them replaced in the fall instead of winter. Now is the time to start thinking about which color, finish, and species you’d like in your vacation home and where to put it.  

Here are some general trends and guidelines to follow when thinking about new floors for your vacation home: 

Parquet hardwood floor
  • Increased interest in wide plank parquet and herringbone in an accent or formal room We’re seeing an increased interest in classic wood floor patterns such as parquet and herringbone to draw attention to a certain room or make it stick out from the other rooms in a home, such as in a foyer.
  • Border work around a room with a feature strip – A feature strip is a great way to set a decorative accent around a room and add some visual interest to the floor.
Longleaf reclaimed heart pine wide plank floors

Longleaf Heart Pine Wide Plank Floors

  • White oak with a very matte or “bare” finish – We saw a surge in popularity of natural looking wood with very matte finishes starting around 2017. This trend is still very popular, if not more so now. Paired with a species like white oak, a natural, matte finish provides a very clean, bare, and sleek modern look which essentially functions as a bare canvas upon which you can carefully  construct the general look of the rest of the room.  
  • In recent months, smaller projects are on the rise – With the advent of quarantine, it seems like smaller projects are on the rise, with homeowners choosing to install new floors in just a room or two. The biggest takeaway from this is that you don’t have to redo floors in the whole home to make a big difference––just one or two key rooms (such as the living room and kitchen, for example) can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your vacation home. Don’t let the idea of a full replace of all of the floors in your house overwhelm you––it’s usually not necessary, nor is a full remodel. New floors in just one room can make a big difference! 

Instead of waiting for summer or even spring to come around complete the project now during the fall or winter so the floors are ready to go when you are! 

If you’d like a custom wide plank floor to take your vacation home to the next level, contact us for a quote

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