Red oak wide plank floors are a great choice right now because white oak is currently in short supply, so you can still achieve the old world charm that oak is known for.

Red and white oak are abundant in the U.S., growing from New England all the way south as far as Mississippi, which is one of the reasons why they’re such popular choices for flooring. 

The other reason? The natural beauty of red oak, of course. Red features beautiful pinkish and reddish hues that just get better as the wood ages and develops a beautiful patina that’s simply hard to beat. This wood has a traditional, old world charm to it. 

The Janka Hardness rating of red oak is 1290, meaning it’s quite durable. In fact, red oak is the industry standard for durability, meaning that the hardness level of all other woods are compared to that of red oak. It will hold up to foot traffic and general wear and tear quite well, especially when paired with the right finish. 

Many people opt for a matte, waterbased finish because it dries clear, since they want to preserve the natural look of the wood. Red oak is exceptionally easy to integrate into virtually any interior design style, another factor that contributes to its overall popularity.

This species typically has a consistent, tight graining pattern and color throughout.

However, the graining pattern and character marks will ultimately depend on the grade of wood that Red Oak wide plank floors you choose––Select, and Character grade are the options we offer for our red oak floors. Select grade floors will have less character markings, giving you a more consistent and tight appearance, while character grade will let more character marks like knots and checking shine through, giving your floors a more rustic look.

Our wide plank floors are crafted from trees hand-selected from forests in the northern United States for their superior quality and integrity. Due to their exposure to a colder climate, these trees produce wood that is more dimensionally stable and as a result create flooring that will ultimately last longer than material sourced from trees grown in other areas.

If you’re looking for a floor that has old-world charm and is a mainstay but a little different from its more common white oak sibling, red oak is a great choice. Click here to browse our selection of handcrafted red oak wide plank floors, request a quote by filling out this form, or call us at 877-697-5265 to speak with a wide plank specialist about your project.

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