For this year, there are many trends of flooring which we are expecting to be quite popular. In our previous blog, we covered the barnwood flooring trend. Our next trend that we’re going to cover which is slated to be popular this year is distressed wide plank flooring. This trend is every interior designer’s and homeowner’s dream, and there is no surprise as to why.

What is distressed wood flooring?

Distressed wide plank wood floors | Wide Plank Floor Supply


Distressing, by technical standards, is the activity of creating an aged or damaged appearance. Distressing is known for providing the weathered look which is extremely rustic and desirable, especially when it comes to wood planks. There are two types of distressing: physical distressing and natural distressing.

Natural distressing is the process by which the wood encounters the forces of nature and is thereby weathered down naturally. This is the process that reclaimed wood flooringincluding barnwood flooring, goes through. 

On the other hand, physical distressing is the process of purposefully bringing about the weathered appearance that we are looking for. The different types of physical distressing include hand distressing, mechanical distressing, smoking, and coloring. Hand distressing and mechanical distressing include actively applying pressures and physical exertion to bring about an older appearance. This includes creating cut edges and wire patterns by hand. Smoking is a chemical process which highlight the wood grain and color, creating an aged look within the wood. Lastly, the process of coloring includes adding wood furnish and stains to bring the appearance of aging and weathering.

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at our wide plank wood flooring mill, where you can see physical distressing process in action.

Why is distressed wood flooring so popular right now?

Distressed Wood | Wide Plank Floor Supply

Contemporary, traditional, vintage: all very popular design themes. Many homeowners want to capture these themes within their home, and the best way to start is flooring. Distressed flooring brings the perfect unique backdrop to continue the mentioned theme all throughout the space.  The distinctive color and design of distressed planks brings about a homey charm that creates warmth in any space. Distressed wood flooring is one of the most formidable tools in the belt of an interior designer. It is adaptable, versatile, and sure to please.

Why choose wide plank floors?

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Idea #4: Reclaimed wide plank floors

When it comes to distressed wood, the wider the better. Wide planks are highly in style right now, and for great reasons. Wide planks make any space a lot larger. They open up the room allowing for a more grand atmosphere. When it comes to distressed wood flooring, wide planks have more space, which highlights the textures of the distressed wood more effectively than strip flooring.

Distressed wide plank floors are eco-friendly

Eco-friendly distressed wood floors | Wide Plank Floor Supply

What’s great about distressed wood is that it is even better when it’s reclaimed. Reclaimed wood brings authentic natural features such as knots and nail holes and undergoes natural distressing and weathering. No further exertion is needed to create the distressed look; the natural weathering process itself creates beautiful designs and discoloration within the planks.

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