White Oak Select Natural Wide Plank Flooring

White Oak Select Natural
  • Product Specs

    Plank Face Width:6" - 12"
    Plank Thickness:3/4" Solid, 5/8" and 3/4" Engineered
    Plank Length:18" - 10' Random Lengths, 2' - 10' Random Lengths, 3' - 10' Random Lengths, 4' - 10' Random Lengths
    Grade:Select, Character
    Profile:Tongue and Groove
    Special Features/Options:Plain Sawn, Rift & Quartered, Rift Only, Quartered Only, Pre-Finished Available
    Janka Hardness Rating:1360
    Product Information:Download Specifications
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About White Oak Select Natural Flooring

A mainstay in American homes due to its abundance and simplicity, white oak flooring is sure to please.

The fine graining pattern of white oak gives the wood traditional appeal. Wide planks further contribute to the rustic look of white oak floors. The heartwood is light to medium brown, while the sapwood is usually white to light brown in color.

White oak is a sustainable species because it is abundant in the continental United States. Therefore, the carbon footprint of white oak is less than that of exotic species. The efforts of various forestry protection programs to replant oak trees further contributes to the eco-friendliness of this species.

The tyloses in white oak are relatively open, allowing white oak to readily accept stains and paints. Check out this video tutorial for creating a DIY gray-aged stain for white oak.

Wider white oak planks can be milled to exhibit the well-known “fleck” from the quartering of the log or beam.

White oak is more dimensionally stable than red oak, so choose white over red for added strength and less fluctuation in the wood. 

If you appreciate simplicity and character, you can’t go wrong with white oak wide plank floors.