Based in Wisconsin, Oshkosh Designs has been in business for over 25 years and is carrying on its legacy with beautiful custom, sustainably sourced wood flooring products including inlays, medallions, borders, and more.

This company offers wood floor inlays, medallions, borders, and more in beautiful designs which are customizable.

How Oshkosh Designs got its start

According to Brenda Kubasta, President of Oshkosh Designs, the origin story of the company is an interesting one. The founder of the company purchased an old fraternity house on the University of Oshkosh campus in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which needed to be restored. The house, a “paintedVictorian-style home,” already had a lot of inlays and parquet. When searching for a provider of inlay/parquet products based in the United States with which they could replace the original inlays and parquet, they couldn’t find one.

Oshkosh Designs Logo

The founder along with his brother-in-law, who worked in woodworking, started Historic Floors of Oshkosh in 1991. They moved to a building in Winneconne, Wisconsin to set up the manufacturing plant where the company is still located today.

Oshkosh Designs is still producing wood floor medallions, inlays, in a variety of styles so they can complement many different interior design styles. They manufacture their products and sell them directly to the end user.

Medallions, wood wall panels, and more

Custom inlays and medallions like those created by Oshkosh offer a truly distinctive experience and elevate any wood floor.

You can choose from unfinished or prefinished medallions. The prefinished options are available for medallions 48” or smaller.

Wood Wall AccentsOshkosh Designs offers over 30 different wood species for their products, from Afromosia to Zebrawood, giving you a wide variety from which to choose for your custom medallions and other products.

All of the wood used in Oshkosh Designs’ products is reliably and sustainably sourced from FSC-certified suppliers, and Oshkosh Designs manufacturing plant is a 100% zero-waste facility.

When asked about the process of creating their products, Kubasta explains that the inspiration for their collections is drawn from a variety of designers, leading to a truly varied selection.

All of their products are fully customizable, giving you the chance to get a product that perfectly fits the needs of your project.

Almost every year we hire a designer (they’ve varied from someone in Texas to someone in Ireland) to develop a new collection and their inspiration is usually a combination of current trends or a Wood Wall Accentspattern that I see being used in other industries,” explains Kubasta.

A wood floor medallion can be a great addition to a foyer, greeting your guests as they first enter your house. It can also work well as a magnificent centerpiece to almost any room, or to highlight certain features, such as a grand staircase.

They also sell cutting boards, mantle borders, and other wood products.

Oshkosh Designs also offers beautiful wood wall accents and wall art in different options such as herringbone, parquet, and 3D style panels, all of which are completely customizable. They also offer custom floor borders.

The true value of wood floor medallions for homeowners

A wood floor medallion can have a positive impact on the value of your home. “Associations have numerous statistics that show the value of a wood floor and inlay can increase the value of a home by 10%. It’s the wow factor when they enter and provides a unique visual to differentiate someone’s home or business,” says Kubasta.

Wood Floor MedallionYou can truly elevate any space with the floor borders, wood inlays, and medallions offered by Oshkosh. The fact that these products are fully customizable makes it easy to complement any interior design style.

With a medallion you can add a family crest, company logo, or other unique design to any room. You can also draw inspiration from the pre-made designs the company has available on their website.

Want to install a wood floor medallion?

If you’re a homeowner, interior designer, or anyone else looking to install one of the products offered by Oshkosh Designs, you can use the Find a Contractor service on the City Floor Supply website to find a wood floor professional in your area who can install wood floors, inlays, and medallions for your projects.

Click here to visit the Oshkosh Designs website and browse the products they have available.

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