Designers, it’s time to consider something different: flooring on the walls.

There is no shortage of creative ways to decorate your client’s space, and the sheer number of choices can be staggering. But have you ever thought of impressing your clients by taking potentially wasted products and repurposing them into interesting wall accents?

Wood floors have been popular as long as homes have existed. Wood is sturdy, attractive, and abundant in almost all parts of the world. It makes sense to install wood floors in so many different rooms, from living rooms to kitchens, bathrooms to basements, and reclaimed wide plank floors are particularly popular. Why not extend that trend to the walls?

Photo by LKW Design Associates 

It’s time to the wood plank to look beyond the ‘walking on’ space, and to consider far more creative options. Your clients deserve the best, and this is a unique trend that you can truly make your own!

Installing wood wall accents

Wide plank hardwood flooring can be used to cover any wall space that’s causing a break in the creative flow in a room, or to cover a wall space you just don’t know what else to do with.

Photo by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

Wood flooring comes in a large array of colors, allowing you to do anything your client desires. Just as you can install a wide variety of floors, you can do the same on the walls of any room to complement a variety of styles. Looking for a rustic addition for a master bedroom? It’s possible. Looking to change up a boring, blank wall in a kitchen? You can also achieve that with a wood wall accent.

Repurposed wide plank floors can be used for accents

Another pro of the wood wall is cost. Installation usually accounts for the majority of the cost of a wood floor, and the do-it-yourself quality of a wood wall can make this a cost-effective alternative to other options.

No need for an expensive canvas to try and fill up an empty wall. No more expensive decorative art pieces that end up cluttering the room. A simple, tasteful, wooden accent can fill up the space in a classy way, and if there are enough scrap pieces or pieces of flooring left over from a wide plank flooring install, you can repurpose these pieces, putting them together to create a cohesive and unique wall accent without spending additional money on materials.


One last thing to consider: the wooden accent does not need to be a full wall piece. On a blank wall, the majority of it can be covered in a wooden accent, with a foot (or more) border on all sides can achieve the same effect that a full-sized wall accent does. That minimalist approach can turn this cost-effective decoration into an even more affordable way to add an interesting element to a space. 

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