Handscraped and distressed wide plank floors provide a great way to achieve a uniquely rustic look in almost any environment. They’re becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners and interior designers alike, so this is one trend you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Distressed wide plank floors are a great choice if you or your clients would like to recreate a vintage farmhouse look, continues to be a very popular trend in the home industry and interior design industry.

Since handscraped and distressed wood floors are hot topics at the moment, you might be wondering what the difference is!

Handscraped vs. distressed wide plank floors

Is there a difference between handscraped and distressed wide plank floors? Well, technically, both types of floors are distressed.

The term “distressed wood” usually refers to flooring that has been naturally worn down over time. Usually, flooring made of this wood has been reclaimed and repurposed from a completely different environment. This flooring really shows the years of wear and tear that the wood has been through, and it is valued for its naturally rustic appeal.

On the other hand, distressed wide plank wood floors that are specifically handscraped create the illusion of a floor being worn down from old age, but the process starts starts with newly milled floors.  

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Handscraping is the practice of purposefully inflicting damage to wood in order to create the appearance that it’s older than it actually is. Therefore, you don’t need to source this wood from abandoned factories and the like––you can use fresh wood but inflict certain kinds of damage to make it seem like it has a bit of history to it. This helps the flooring bring rustic charm into the environment in which they are installed.

At our custom wide plank mill, wood flooring professionals hand-scrape our wide plank floors to your exact specifications––whether you want a lot of damage, not so much, or just the right amount, we take care of all of it for you.

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Distressed floors show less damage

One benefit of having distressed or handscraped wide plank floors in your home that they won’t show as much damage as a traditional hardwood floor.

Any new damage will be right at home with the damage that is already there for aesthetic purposes. This typically means that your clients will have to worry much less about keeping their floors meticulously maintained in the long run. Therefore, distressed wide plank hardwood floors an especially good choice if your floors will be subject to heavy traffic, high heels, pets, kids, and other enemies of wood floors. 

They are also a good choice for any room that will naturally experience a large amount of traffic on a regular basis, such as the kitchen, living room, or a commercial environment. 

These floors bring rustic charm into any environment


Handscraped and distressed wide plank floors feature character marks like nail holes, worm holes, and color changes that really take you back to what they were originally meant for. A lot of them come from barns and old industrial buildings, and they definitely show it. T
his helps to create a sense of cozy, rustic charm in any space.

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Wide Plank Floor Supply has a wide variety of wide plank hardwood floors to choose from, even if you’re after the hand-scraped look. Browse our large selection of prefinished and unfinished wide plank hardwood floors, or schedule a tour of our wide plank flooring showroom in King of Prussia, PA!

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