When City Floor Supply sales rep Chris Sullivan and his wife were deciding on flooring for their new custom-built home, of course they knew exactly where to turn: Wide Plank Floor Supply! They knew that they didn’t want anything cookie-cutter. They wanted to be able to design their flooring completely from scratch, and the Wide Plank Floor Supply experience allowed them to do just that.

The Sullivans eventually decided on a 6” ¾” solid white oak character wide plank floor with a wirebrushed dark walnut stain and Bona Naturale finish.

As you can see in the video above, this is a truly unique and beautiful floor. It stands out from anything you could get in a big box store. This is because it was completely made to order for the Sullivan family based on their specific wants and needs. 

Chris says that when guests first enter their home, there is a noticeable “wow factor.” People say that they haven’t seen anything like it. The wirebrushed treatment with the natural matte finish creates a truly unique flooring experience.

The Wide Plank Floor Supply Process

Milling and Cutting Reclaimed Wood

We created custom samples made for the Sullivan family so they could see different options and decide on exactly what they wanted. Let’s break down the elements of the combination they ultimately decided on:

Species: White oak is one of the most popular species we offer, providing plenty of durability and natural markings, such as beautiful knots and graining patterns which add to the charm of the floor.

Treatment: The Sullivans’ floors are wirebrushed. The wirebrushing process gives the wood a unique texture. Wirebrushing involves pulling out the soft grain of the wood, distinguishing it from the growth ring and creating a rustic charm and a unique texture.

Finish: Bona Naturale finish makes the wood feel “warm and real” and enhances, rather than covers up, the appearance of the floor’s rough, wirebrushed texture for a uniquely natural and rustic look.

Grade: These floors are character grade. Character grade flooring features color variation and knots, adding to its natural rustic charm.

Stain: The dark walnut stain imparts the flooring with a warm chocolatey color which works well with other elements in the Sullivan household.

A Unique Floor Every Time

Wirebrushed white oak wide plank floor

This is truly one-of-a-kind flooring made completely from scratch, and we follow the same process for all of our floors. What makes Wide Plank Floor Supply different from other manufacturers is that we don’t have a warehouse full of floors ready to go.

We recognize that no two projects are alike, so each floor is milled and made-to-order and suited completely to the client’s needs. We also pair each customer with a dedicated rep to create samples and guide customers through the process of designing their own floors. This ensures that each one of our customers is able to create exactly the flooring they are looking for when they work with us. 

Start designing your dream custom wide plank floor! Fill out this form or call us at  1-877-697-5265 to tell us about your project and get started.

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