There are a variety of colors you can achieve with custom wide plank floors in order to match the needs of almost any project and complement any aesthetic. The color that you choose for your floors can drastically alter the feeling of the space. All the choices available to you can be overwhelming!

Here are just a few of the wide plank floor color schemes that we offer, and an explanation of which interior design styles they are most suitable for.

Ash Dark Walnut Wide Plank Floors

Ash Dark Walnut Wide Plank Floors

Dark wide plank floors: These can be a great choice if you’d like to complement light interiors.  One negative thing about dark wide plank floors is that they tend to show dirt and scuff marks more readily than lighter colored hardwood floors. They also tend to show scratches more readily. They can also make a space seem smaller than it actually is, whereas lighter colored wood floors will give a space more of an open, spacious feeling. Dark wide plank floors can give the room an upscale, elegant feel when paired with the right interior design elements, and keep in mind that the floor’s overall impact on the room will depend on other elements that are present. Some great examples of dark wide plank floors include Hickory Dark Walnut and Maple Tobacco.

Gray wide plank floors: Can be a great choice to lend the space a beachy feel, even if it’s not a beach house. They can also pair well with cool, modern interiors. Luckily, you can likely find the exact tone of gray to accomplish the desired effect for any project. There are a wide range of gray tones available in flooring––light, mid, and dark gray are all options when you’re working with custom wide plank floors. Darker gray floors will show more scratches, dirt, and scuff marks than lighter gray floors. One of our more popular gray wide plank floors is White Oak Summerville Washed Grey.

Flame Birch Wide Plank Floors

Flame Birch Wide Plank Floors

Light wide plank floors: Installing a wide plank floor will instill a sense of airiness in the room. This is perfect if you wish to complement an already light and airy interior, or if you would like to provide contrast to dark elements within a room. Light floors are better at showing off the natural features of a floor compared to darker floors. One popular example is our Hickory Golden Oak.

Natural wide plank floors: Of course, you can always go the natural route when it comes to choosing a color for your wide plank floors. This is an especially wise choice for species that exhibit beautiful graining patterns. A natural color/finish will accentuate, rather than cover up, the natural character of the wood. Examples of species that do well with a natural finish include Reclaimed heart pine floors and live sawn white oak wide plank floors due to their naturally occurring character marks.

The process of selecting a color for a custom wide plank floor

When you’re staining a custom floor, the actual appearance of a stain will depend on the species you’ve chosen as well as the patina of the wood. The appearance might even vary from plank to plank depending on the composition of the wood itself. We recommend that your contractor provide you a sample of different stains on the species you’ve chosen, or a number of different species, so that you can more easily choose the right look for your project.

Contact us to learn more about the different custom wide plank floor colors we have available, or to schedule a tour of our wide plank showroom in King of Prussia, PA.

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