Longleaf heart pine floors are a true American classic. This species was frequently used as flooring in older American homes back in the 1800s. Paired with the choice of wider planks, this species will give you a unique, rustic look, harkening back to “old-world” American homes. 

Where does longleaf heart pine grow?

Our heart pine flooring is made from reclaimed lumber sourced from mature trees grown in optimum climate conditions, which allowed them to grow slowly and develop beautiful colors that range from lighter yellow to darker amber hues. 

This tree species is native to the southeastern U.S. from the coastal plain of east Texas to southern Virginia, extending into central Florida. 

Longleaf heart pine trees, measuring 80 to 120 feet tall, require 100 to 150 years to become full size and can live hundreds of years. Unfortunately, due to deforestation and over-harvesting through the years, less than 5% of the original Longleaf Pine forest remains. The source of much of the available heart pine found on the market is reclaimed longleaf pine sourced from old buildings.

Longleaf heart pine durability and hardness

The Janka hardness rating of longleaf heart pine is 870, which technically makes it a softwood. However, it’s more durable than the more common southern yellow pine, which only have a Janka hardness rating of 690.

The softness of longleaf heart pine is something to consider if you’re planning on installing them in your home, since they might not hold up very well to heavy foot traffic.

In conclusion…

Longleaf heart pine is one of the most prized and one of the more beautiful woods you can choose for your wide plank floors, but it requires special considerations if you are going to have heavy foot traffic in the area where it’s installed.

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