Rich in color, American cherry hardwood floors are beautiful, timeless, and perfect for any room in your home. Versatile enough to be used in kitchen, foyer, hallway or living room, these floors can’t be beat when it comes to luxurious style.  

Cherry hardwood floors give an elegant and traditional feel to any room. The heartwood is light to dark reddish brown, while the sapwood is light brown to pale with a light pinkish tone. The variety in color between the sapwood and heartwood is exceptional and hard to match in other species.

The color of American cherry darkens significantly with age, with the most color change occurring in the first six to eight months after the lumber is milled. This is a photosensitive wood, meaning that compounds in the wood react to light, including sunlight. This changes the color of the wood over time. So you’ll have to make sure that you rotate any area rugs on the floor every so often to prevent extra-light spots in from forming underneath them.

American cherry has a uniform grain structure that makes for a smooth surface. Wider planks will accentuate the naturally smooth character of the cherry, including any character marks present in the wood. 

When it comes to choosing from different grades of wood, selecting a character grade American cherry floor rather than select grade wood will provide additional character markings throughout the floor.

Browse pictures from our 19th Century home and wine cellar project with American Cherry wide plank floors featured in multiple rooms.

Although American Cherry offers relatively good dimensional stability, its Janka hardness rating is lower than other common domestic species such as white oak and hickory, meaning that it may not hold up as well to heavy foot traffic, scratches, dents, and other damage as other species.

However, ensuring that your hardwood floor contractor chooses a durable finish will help to prevent as much damage as possible. Click here to use the Find a Contractor service offered by our sister company, City Floor Supply, to find a reliable contractor in your area.

As you can see, American Cherry is a classic wood with a timeless elegance. Click here to view our selection of American Cherry wide plank floors.

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