What are the trends in new home builds? The features that new construction home builders are prioritizing in their projects gives you clues for updating and modernizing your own home. Take a page out of their book for some inspiration.

Here are some new home construction trends that you can use to inform your process for a remodeling project in your own home.

  • Concrete countertops. Is concrete the new granite? Maybe so. According to The Spruce, Concrete countertops generally improve real estate value as a ‘premium’ material.” However, be mindful of the fact that they are more expensive than granite and require annual sealing to prevent stains. Also, repairs are almost impossible if cracking occurs. But if you’re looking for something to set apart your kitchen and want to move away from the granite countertops that are now prevalent in modern home design, concrete could be a great choice. Make sure to recruit an experienced professional to install them.
Engineered wide plank floor
  • Engineered wide plank floors. People like the durability of an engineered floor while retaining the style and appeal of a wood floor. If you need new floors, consider installing an engineered wide plank floor rather than tile or another material in the kitchen. Engineered wood floors can even be installed in the bathroom.
  • Wood cabinets are making a comeback. According to Houzz, wood cabinets are experiencing a renaissance right now––“Perhaps it’s a reaction to past years of mostly white and gray palettes, but some credit must be given to designers, artisans and cabinetmakers who have shown their clients how rich and diverse various woods and grain patterns can be.”
  • Three-tone kitchens. Although two-tone kitchens have reigned supreme in the home design space for a few years now––in which the upper cabinets are one color and the lower cabinets are another, or the kitchen island is a different color than the cabinets––three-tone kitchens seem to be the latest trend. According to Houzz, “In a three-tone kitchen, one more color or material is introduced to create an asymmetry in the palette that helps define zones or functions and keeps the eye moving.
  • Butcher block or other wood countertops. If you’re looking to create that three-tone kitchen and want your island countertop to be a different material than perimeter countertops, consider a wood slab or butcher block. According to Houzz, “Recent Houzz research reveals that among renovating homeowners who want a contrasting island material, 41% choose butcher block or a wood slab.”
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