If you’re working from home right now, maybe you’re cooking more and spending more time in the kitchen in general, and your thoughts naturally turn to remodeling. If that’s the case, we have some information about kitchen trends for you. A few weeks ago we covered some general home interior design trends. Now we want to hone in on the kitchen specifically, often the central part of any home. It’s a gathering place and an important part of a home––especially if you plan on selling soon, since kitchens essentially sell homes.

Smart kitchens – Technology is increasingly evolving and enhancing every part of our lives, so it is no surprise that it’s started making its way into the kitchen in some interesting ways. Certain smart refrigerators will let you make shopping lists, connect to your streaming accounts and let you play music while you’re cooking, and some models even have cameras inside so you can check on their contents through your phone while you’re out shopping.

Hardwood flooring – Wide plank hardwood floors are still a top choice for kitchens, and for good reason––they make the space feel warm and inviting. They’re also much warmer underfoot than tile. If you’re looking to replace the tile or another material in your kitchen floor with a material that will give it a more modern look, consider engineered wide plank floors. You can customize these floors endlessly and they can hold up to a lot of foot traffic and kitchen-related activity like spills due to the fact that they’re engineered (especially if they are prefinished). 

Open concept still rules the day in kitchen design, as it has for years now, and for good reason––it makes the space seem larger. A Houzz study conducted earlier this year indicated that one in two homeowners they surveyed were interested in either adding a new kitchen island or upgrade an existing one this year. Changing your kitchen to an open concept design if it isn’t already is an effective way to give your home a huge upgrade.

Big Backsplash – A trend right now is using larger subway tiles for backsplashes like 4″ x 8″ or 4″ x 12″ in some cases, and extending the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling of the kitchen, rather than stopping where the cabinets start. Three Tone Kitchen

Three tone kitchens – We covered this in our last blog post about new construction home trends. A three-toned kitchen is one in which the upper cabinets are one color or material and the lower cabinets are another color or material, or the kitchen island is a different color or material than the cabinet. This is an up-and-coming trend.

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