If you want your hardwood floors to last and look as good as new, you’ll need to clean them regularly. We have some tips to ensure you keep your floors properly maintained!

Worst & Best Cleaning Products for Hardwood Floors

Avoid common products that you’ll find at a typical supermarket. A lot of times these contain harsh ingredients that will damage your finish. 

Many DIY blogs suggest using vinegar to clean almost anything, including wood floors. However, you should not use vinegar on your hardwood. Vinegar is an acid, and while you may not notice any issues right away, over time it can break down the finish on the surface of your floor. This ultimately will reduce the shine and give your flooring a dull look. 

You may also have been told to mix water with vinegar, but that’s another one to avoid. Using excess water creates too much moisture, which could cause your flooring to buckle. 

We recommend these products for cleaning your hardwood floors:

Basic Coatings Squeaky Hardwood Floor Care System

The Squeaky Floor Care System is designed for daily cleaning of wood, laminate, and other hard Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean Kit surface floors. The package includes a microfiber cleaning pad, 32oz of Squeaky Spray, and a  swivel-head mop and pole. The microfiber mop and specially formulated Squeaky Clean solution help you protect your floors by picking up dirt and debris that can damage your finish.

Bona Multi-Surface Floor Care Kit

Bona Multi Surface Floor Care Kit

The Bona Multi-Surface Floor Care Kit includes everything you need for easy and safe cleaning of your hard surface floors. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Original Formula provides a complete clean by gently and effectively removing dust, dirt and grime from hardwood floors. Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner offers a degreasing formulation to remove dust, dirt and grime from hard surface floors.

Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Before you get started, pick up any major debris. You can then use a dust mop or a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment to go over the floors. Do not run a traditional vacuum over the floor, as it could damage the surface. Many vacuums also have a hardwood floor option that will raise the vacuum cleaner and deactivate the brush roll.

If you prefer to use a broom instead of a vacuum, choose one with soft bristles. Hard bristles can damage the finish.

You can then use a microfiber pad with an approved cleaning solution (like the ones mentioned above). Keep in mind that wet mops can be very damaging to flooring. If you are using a mop, be sure that it is only slightly damp.

Are Your Hardwood Floors Still Not Looking Clean?

Every floor will need to be refinished at some point in its lifecycle. If you notice an excessive buildup of scratches, it might be time to call in a contractor to refinish your floors.

If you are thinking about starting fresh, check out Wide Plank Floor Supply’s selection of hardwood flooring.

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