When building your custom wide plank floor, there are a lot of decisions to make. You have to select the species, the finish, the width of the flooring, the color, and more! But you also have to think about which kind of treatment (if any) you would like applied to your floor in addition to everything else. Treatments are additional processes applied to the wood to achieve certain effects.

Our wide plank mill creates each and every floor from scratch––from milling to finish––ensuring that we provide each customer with a truly unique floor and experience. Treatments are just one facet of this experience.

Treatments allow you take the custom nature of your floor one step further, adding additional interest and character to the planks through the use of various techniques. Each treatment achieves a different effect and is compatible with different interior design elements based on the appearance it lends to the wood.

Below are the different treatments we have available for wide plank floors.

Wide Plank Flooring Treatments

Hand scraped wide plank floor

Hand Scraped – The process of hand scraping entails using handheld tools to replicate an old-world look when draw knives were used to smooth and level logs into flooring. This treatment ensures no two boards are ever the same, yet each is crafted to provide years of durability and enduring character.

Hand Distressed Hand distressing creates the look of a floor born from boards that have stood the test of time. Our craftsmen use a collection of carving and other specialty hand tools to create antique wear and chatter marks to give the floor a unique, timeworn look.

Skip Planed Wide Plank Floors

Skip PlanedThe ability to find authentic skip planed flooring is becoming a difficult challenge. At Wide Plank Floor Supply our marks are authentic circle saw marks that come from Amish mills in our area who still use a 60” circular saw powered by diesel power units.

Wire Brushed Wide Plank Floors

Wire Brushed – Wire brushed treatments are designed to provide timeless style and lasting beauty. We use a hard bristled steel brush to create a rough, earthy feel by pulling away the soft grain from the growth ring and bringing a unique two-toned texture to the surface.

Black Bleed Wide Plank Floors

Black Bleed – Also known as French Bleed, this hand-applied treatment adds depth and creates an aged appearance. By darkening the edges and sometimes the face, black bleed defines each board creating a beautiful contrast between the edge and the face.

As you can see, there truly is something for everyone! The appearance of a treatment will differ based on other features of the floor, such as the species and the stain (if applicable), ensuring that your floor is truly unique.

Custom treatments are also available, and in most cases, various treatments can be combined to create a look that is completely your own.

Get in touch today to start creating your own custom wide plank floor––browse the options we have available by clicking here. Fill out this form to request a quote or call us at (877) 697-5265 to speak with a wide plank expert about your project.

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