The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s routines. Our ability to visit and socialize with friends and loved ones has been curtailed; our once convenient trips to the store now require much more planning than they used to; and even enjoying simple hobbies––be it weightlifting, jogging, pottery, painting and so on––can sometimes become a logistical nightmare.

But, even though we are now more cautious than ever when it comes to our health and that of our loved ones, we do not have to resign ourselves to being hermits sitting in front of the T.V. or the computer.

In fact, during this time, more people than ever are channeling their inner “Do It Yourself (DIY)” guru. Since our normal routines have been impacted, we need to find and create other routines to keep our minds and bodies stimulated. Whether you are a longtime DIY-er with a complete catalogue of skills, a weekend warrior, or someone just beginning to experiment with DIY projects, there are plenty of ideas and projects that you can complete successfully. 

To complete a successful DIY project is not difficult, provided you know what you want, can visualize it and are willing to see your project through. Anyone can do it – the trick is to start smart and start small. For instance, does your home have what you consider “wasted space”? Each and every home contains a variety of spaces that can be repurposed into something that is truly useful to you and your family.

And these spaces cry out for a renovation or a remodel. Just consider all the time you have walked by a closet, thought about that empty space beneath the staircase in your basement, or thought that the garage would make a better workshop than a storage unit. These will be the seeds of your project ideas.

How to transform a closet

Consider redesigning your closet for efficiency. Rather than having boxes of miscellaneous items stored beneath the hangers or stuffed onto the upper shelves, consider installing cubby holes and even put up hanging drawers. Not only will you find your items more quickly, but going through the process of reorganization will help you filter through unnecessary items that you may have been accumulating.  If it’s big enough, you can also consider taking off the doors to the closet and converting it into a study nook for your children to complete their virtual classes. 

Think about open spaces beneath staircases. An under staircase set of drawers or a bookshelf can help you repurpose an otherwise wasted or messy space. Like the closet redesign project, the design and build process is not difficult and is a great starter project to build your confidence in your DIY abilities. You can also consider turning it into a reading nook by installing a small bookshelf filled with books and installing a reading bench. 

DIY Garage Workshop

Garages and sheds are always high on the list for DIY projects. The most popular renovation project for the average garage is to turn it into extra living space. By converting a garage into a separate dwelling unit, an extra living room, a workout room or a hobby room – you can use your pandemic induced free time to develop skills that will provide confidence for any future remodel or renovation project you may wish to undertake. 

With a bit of creative thinking, you can turn wasted space in your home into spaces that are truly functional!

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