Virtual schooling is a huge adjustment for everyone involved, and one of the adjustments you’ll have to make as a parent is rearranging your home so that your child has a comfortable space in which to attend their virtual classes and get their work done. Luckily, parents all over are sharing their ideas on Pinterest and other websites. Here are 5 tips for setting up a virtual school workspace for your child. 

Children's Virtual Workspace
  1. Make sure your children have a dedicated workspace, even if it’s not an entire office. Assign a dedicated space in your home for your child to attend virtual school and complete their assignments. Although it may just be the dining table or kitchen counter, if possible, make it so that it’s only for them. You could even transform a closet to a workspace if it’s big enough––this phoenomenon is becoming so common that there’s even a word for it: “cloffice.” Check out some DIY closet office ideas on Pinterest. If you have more than one child completing school from home but limited space, consider using a desk divider to partition between their spaces like this pin home schooling design ideas
  2. Curate comfortable seating. A little bit of time setting up a comfortable space goes a long way in making sure your children are able to complete tasks effectively. Ensure that your child has a comfortable desk chair, and that it’s the appropriate height for them to work comfortably all day without experiencing back or neck strain. You can also consider adding alternative seating options to your home such as oversized flooring cushions to give them a variety of other spaces in which to sit and complete their work during the day.At home schooling storage ideas
  3. Cultivate practical storage options. With school now taking place at home, organization is key to help your children stay on track. Bins and modular bookshelves can be helpful for storing supplies. You can also consider installing a pegboard above your child’s workspace in which they can pin a calendar, motivational messages, reminders, and other items that they would find helpful to have out of the way but in sight. You can also consider utilizing a portable drawer in which your child can place loose papers, supplies, and other items so your child can keep everything in one place and snap it shut at the end of the day.Design ideas for a children's workspace
  4. Make sure their designated workspace is set up with good lighting. Ensure that the room your child is working in receives great natural lighting. If it doesn’t have good natural lighting, you can install a wall sconce or get creative with the desk lighting options. This is especially essential as the days get shorter with the transition into wintertime.
    Design ideas for children's at home workspace
  5. Hire a pro if you are having trouble. Having an interior design pro take a look will oftentimes help, especially if you’re stuck in a designing rut or just overwhelmed with the task at hand. Some designers will even let you book a virtual consultation to give you a fresh set of eyes and help you design a functional space from afar.

Just a few minor adjustments to the design of your home can truly help your child feel more comfortable completing their virtual schooling at home!

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