Looking to upgrade your enclosed porch or sunroom? We have some ideas that can help you freshen it up and add new ways to enjoy the space.

#1: Upgrade the seating – First, we recommend turning your attention to the seating within the space and assess what kind of upgrades or updates, if any, you can make. After all, your sunroom should be all about relaxing. Even if you don’t want to get a whole new set of furniture, simply replacing the cushions on the existing seating, can really make a difference. If you could use additional seating, consider installing (with professional help, of course), a comfy hanging chair if you’d like to be suspended in the air as you relax!

#2: Add some greenery – As we mentioned in our last blog post about simple DIY home upgrades, adding some plants to your space can make a huge difference in the look of a room, enhancing the relaxing feeling of the space. If you prefer a hands-off approach to your greenery, pick indoor plants that are low-maintenance and can withstand a lot of sunshine. Succulents often thrive in these conditions because most varieties require direct sunlight and don’t require frequent watering. If you have pets, make sure that the plants you choose are non-toxic.

#3: Apply a fresh coat of paint – Rather than choosing a new color for your sunroom, what about choosing no color at all? White is typically chosen for the walls in a sunroom because it adds to the airiness of the space. White walls paired with window treatments and a white ceiling can really make the room feel light, airy, and dreamy, which is exactly how you’d probably like to feel in that space.

#4: Add a small library – What better way to unwind than to crack open a great book? Comfy seating plus sun and a good read equals the ultimate relaxation experience. If you’d like to go the extra mile rather than purchasing a bookcase from a furniture store, get creative and resourceful by creating a DIY bookcase from reclaimed wood. Or, if you’re up for a larger overhaul, have a professional create a custom built-in bookshelf or comfy reading nook in the space.

#5: Consider installing wood floors (or ceiling!) – We see wood ceilings in a lot of sunrooms, more than in any other area of people’s homes, most likely because it adds an interesting visual element to the space that harkens back to nature. Since this wood is potentially going to be more exposed to the elements than other rooms in your house, you have to make sure that extra precautions are taken to protect it from weather fluctuations. Wood is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs and releases moisture based on the conditions in its environment. This quality can cause problems if the wood is not amply protected from the elements.

Engineered wood flooring can be a great choice for a sunroom because it’s less susceptible to humidity-based fluctuations. We highly recommend calling in a qualified professional to complete the installation. If you need help finding a wood floor professional in your area, feel free to call us at (877) 697-5265 for a referral.

Make sure to also pay attention to the photosensitivity of the wood. Photosensitivity means that the wood is more reactive to sun exposure. A species like American cherry, for example, is very photosensitive so it changes color over time, with the color getting darker with sun exposure. This effect will likely be amplified and take place more quickly in a sunroom, since it receives more direct sunlight than a typical room.

If you do have hardwood floors in this room and you put some plants in it as we suggested earlier, make sure that there’s no standing water left on the floors when you water them, as this can damage the finish. You can put mats underneath the plants to minimize the chances of this happening.  

These are just a few of the ideas you can use for inspiration when thinking about updating your sunroom! If you’re considering installing wide plank floors in your sunroom or in any other area of your home, contact us today for a free quote.

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