When Dave Santoleri of TerraSol Energies, Inc. and his wife decided to redo the family room floors in their Glen Mills, Pennsylvania home, they came to Wide Plank Floor Supply in search of the perfect fit. They eventually decided on white oak rift-and-quartered, engineered prefinished wirebrushed wide plank floors, which Dave installed himself. See below for pictures of these floors and the story of how this beautiful project came together.

Dave and his wife visited our King of Prussia wide plank showroom for a tour and saw a ton of options. “We really liked the flooring installed throughout the place,” says Dave. He and his wife especially took a liking to the wirebrushed white oak rift and quartered floors which are installed in Joe Glavin’s office.

They enjoyed the “traditional” look of the wirebrushed finish, which the Santoleris thought would fit in nicely with the style of their recessed family room, which includes a fireplace. They liked how the wirebrushed highlighted the grain of the wood and gave the floors more of an worn-in, rustic look.

The Santoleris were planning to throw an engagement party for their son soon after they purchased the flooring, so there was a strict deadline for getting the floors installed. Luckily, it worked out well! The Wide Plank Floor Supply team was able to have the floors made within the timeline that Dave had set out, and Dave was able to install them the weekend before the party so the floors could have their big debut!

This is a varied width wide plank flooring, with planks consisting of 5″, 7″, and 9″ widths. Varied width wide plank floors are add a sense of visual appeal to the room.

Installing the Floors

Dave has experience with construction and home improvement projects, so he had installed hardwood floors before, but had never dealt with prefinished engineered floors. Dave liked the fact that engineered floors were much easier to install than solid floors, partially because moisture is not as much of a concern with engineered floors.

He also found that pneumatic nailers are much easier to use than manual nailers. The only parts of the installation process that was daunting, according to Dave, was laying the first row, as well as cutting the floors to fit around the flush mount vents for the home’s cooling and heating system. Dave was able to install the flooring with his sons, transforming it into a family project.

This floor was installed using a glue-down, nail-down installation combination technique. He used Bona adhesive applied with a gun, and Joe helped Dave order the exact correct amount for the installation.

For homeowners who do not have the skills to install a wood floor, we offer a Find a Contractor Service through City Floor Supply to find a professional in your area who can get the job done. All of the contractors who participate in our program are professionally vetted.

Why Wirebushed?

Wirebrushed hardwood floors are floors which are distressed by using, literally, a wire brush to remove the soft grain, leaving the heart wood elevated.

The wirebrushing process gives the floors a rustic appeal. They have a traditional style and is great for situations where you would like floors with a “lived-in” look. They are not just an attractive option, they are also practical in that they can be effective at hiding the damage which results from heavy foot traffic, pets, and regular use.

We’re so happy that the Santoleris were able to find their dream floors at Wide Plank Floor Supply!

What do you think of this project? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. ozgun says:

    I need 1200 sq feet of wood flooring , if you don’t mind to send me your prices for utility grade for both red and white oak

    1. Wide Plank Floor Supply says:

      Please call us at 877-697-5265 for a quote.

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