As a homeowner, you may be invested in making upgrades to your home that will not only look beautiful while living there but will also increase your home’s value. In terms of flooring, wide plank flooring is one trend that has been popular for a few years now that we don’t see going away any time soon.

Adding Wide Plank Flooring to Your Home

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the main living areas of your home, a room or two or the whole house, adding wide plank flooring is an attractive option that will add value and style to your home. Plus, it is

enough for children, pets, and virtually anything you have going on in life. 

2023 Wide Plank Flooring Trends


Barnwood Wide Plank Flooring

A very popular color that we have seen time and time again over the last several years is gray flooring. In 2022 and 2023, many home designers have begun adding brown tones to this gray to create a “smokey” look, something that is beautiful when combined with a wide plank floor.

Rustic and Reclaimed

Another gorgeous option popular across the country (thanks, Joanna Gaines) is rustic or reclaimed. Many homes have reclaimed accents, whether beams, furniture, or wide plank flooring. The benefitof this style when combined with a wide plank floor is the durability and resistance you’ll have for years to come. The imperfections in the floor are extremely unique. 

We even have options for reclaimed wide plank flooring that have been selected and sourced from barns, industrial buildings, and houses that can add a great story to your home (Reclamation Road, anyone?). The whole process is sustainable, which is another benefit of choosing reclaimed flooring.


Rustic and reclaimed wide plank floors

Similar to the rustic and reclaimed style, many customers opt for a “distressed” finish that mimics the look of older flooring. This trend has been pretty consistent in terms of popularity. Distressed wide plank flooring is created by taking perfectly good planks and using a variety of tools to create

 character markings like kerf marks and nailholes, creating an authentic reclaimed look. Essentially you end up with a look similar to reclaimed but with new flooring materials.

The Benefits of Wide Plank Flooring for Homeowners

In addition to the increase in your home value, wide plank flooring has many advantages over traditional planks. Here are some things to consider: 

  • Versatility. Choose from a variety of styles and species to customize the look and feel of your home.
  • Durability. Wide plank flooring is made with a durable finish that can last for decades and is protected from everyday wear and tear from children, pets, or active lifestyles.
  • Coverage. Wide planks can often make medium-large rooms feel even larger, and the ability to cover the space with fewer planks can make the installation process quicker.

Get Wide Plank Flooring in Your Home Today

The trend toward wide plank flooring is not going away any time soon! Browse our selection of wide plank hardwood floors. They are custom-milled, so we are always able to stay on trend. If you want to see how the wide plank look could enhance the beauty of your home – request a quote and we’ll reach out with additional information.

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