When updating your home with new wood flooring, doing it yourself sometimes seems like a great choice to save money. However, trying to install wood flooring without the correct expertise can lead to expensive problems further down the line. Read on for more information about why you should never attempt to install wood flooring yourself and should hire a trusted contractor instead.

They know what they are doing

One obvious reason why it is better to hire a professional contractor to install your wood flooring is because they are experts. How many times have you installed new flooring? Maybe once or twice beforehand? Maybe never before! Wood floor contractors do it every day. Hiring a professional means that you not only have peace of mind, but you can also avoid potentially expensive issues. For example, if floating floorboards are not installed correctly, they can move too much during humidity changes, causing more work to redo them. Also, if your subfloor is not prepared properly, it can lead to difficult-to-solve problems such as moisture issues. Professional contractors know about these problems, and they know how to avoid them. 

They can get the job done much fasterWhy you shouldn't try to DIY your wood floor installation

As mentioned previously, professional contractors know what they are doing, meaning they can get the job done quickly – usually within a few days. Why waste time doing it yourself, potentially laboring away for weeks? And when are you actually going to have the time to complete the job anyway, in between work and family commitments? Hiring a professional contractor will allow you to reclaim the time you would have spent on the job and make sure it gets finished sooner, the right way. 

They have the right tools––and they know how to use them

Do you know how many tools are required to lay wood flooring? It’s probably more than you think. Most people don’t have things like wood floor sanders just lying around in the garage, and tools like that can be both expensive and difficult to operate. Hiring a professional contractor means that not only will you not have to fork out the money to buy or rent the tools you may not have, but you also don’t have to worry about potentially using them incorrectly and ruining your brand new floor.

They can provide you with a range of flooring options

Professional contractors are experienced with a range of flooring materials. This means that they can give you advice about the best flooring materials for the job, and insight into which are the best brands to choose. This saves you making an uninformed decision and potentially wasting a lot of money on flooring that either isn’t right for the job or you are not totally satisfied with. 

They can get rid of the old flooring for you

Disposing of the old flooring in your house can be expensive and time-consuming. A professional contractor can solve this problem for you, as they will dispose of your old flooring safely. 

The bottom line

Hiring a professional contractor to install your new wood flooring is always the best way to go. Not only does it protect your investment (as the wood flooring itself is not cheap), it means that the job is done safely and correctly without taking up a lot of your time. Never try to install wood flooring yourself, as it is a job much better left to someone with professional experience. 

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