Though wide planks flooring has been popular for hundreds of years, with today’s advanced techniques it is a more reliable and affordable option than ever before. Wide plank flooring manufactured in the USA is particularly popular due to the standards of quality assurance that ensure an unmatched flooring experience.

Although hardwood floors can be sourced from almost anywhere globally, there are plenty of benefits to choosing American-made wide plank floors even if they are more costly compared to varieties that come from overseas. 

So what are the benefits of buying wide plank flooring made in the U.S.?

Keeping it Stateside

While the home decor and renovation market in the U.S. is thriving, the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly resulted in some small businesses struggling. Businesses that require workers to enter your home suffered a blow at the height of the pandemic as people were understandably concerned about mixing with people outside their known circle of contacts. 

Buying American manufactured wide plank flooring at this crucial time means that you will be keeping these small businesses solvent as well as providing much-needed jobs in the American labor market. 

Superior Quality

The benefits of American-made wide plank floors

One additional benefit to buying wide plank floors from U.S. manufacturers is the superior wood quality compared to floors manufactured overseas.

American timber, cultivated and harvested by American workers, provides the best quality for wide plank flooring. Business doesn’t end at the felling of the lumber; it encompasses every step of the process. From lumber harvesting to final inspection, American workers ensure the quality of your wide plank flooring is consistent from top to bottom, ensuring quality wood products that are made in the USA.

For example, the wide plank floors manufactured at our mill are hand-graded by a certified professional and are rigorously inspected for quality at every step of the process. Click here for a behind-the-scenes tour of our mill. 

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Many people have become increasingly aware of the environmental impact associated with the harvesting and processing of wood. Buying sustainable products as close to home as possible is always the preferable choice.

Sustainable wood floors originate from forests that are managed in such a way as to preserve ecosystems and ideally planting more trees than they fell. 

The environmental impact of shipping wood is also a factor to consider when buying wooden flooring. Wood produced locally (or at the very least from the same country) is an obvious choice if you are mindful of the undue energy it takes to ship wood from overseas.

To ensure your wide plank floors are sustainably sourced, look for products that are FSC-certified.

Avoid Off-Gassing

Off-gassing is where chemicals are released into the air when newly manufactured items such as carpet, cabinets, flooring and furniture settle after installation. Off-gassing chemicals such as formaldehyde are sometimes found in wood floors manufactured overseas where there are less stringent standards regarding VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

These volatile compounds can become concentrated indoors and cause irritation to the eyes, lungs, nose, throat, and/or skin. Long-term exposure to the volatile organic compounds present in off-gassing can cause headaches and breathing problems and are, in certain cases, linked to severe conditions like cancer. 

If American-made products contain VOCs, they are required to disclose this, and you will also be able to readily obtain this information.

In Conclusion…

By choosing a local or regional American company for your wide plank flooring, you can rest assured that the utmost care will be taken to provide you with a high-quality floor with good value, which is environmentally friendly and safe. Also, by making an effort to buy American-made products, you will be doing your part for America’s economy and the environment. 

Click here to browse our selection of wide plank floors, which are all sourced from domestic lumber and manufactured in the USA.


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