Visiting our showroom is a great way to get ideas for flooring projects and see in person what our products look like. Whether you are a homeowner shopping for your home or an interior designer looking to show your client options, our showroom makes it easy to visualize how different species of flooring could look.

Our wide plank showroom is unique because we have wide plank floors installed throughout the

 space. Plus, our custom-built turnstile sample racks of flooring allow you to take the board off and examine it, unlike the cluttered sample racks you’ll find in some other showrooms.

What to Expect

Here’s what to expect when visiting our wide plank showroom located in King of Prussia, PA.

Before Your Visit

Make an appointment ahead of time by clicking here or calling us at 877-697-5265.

wide plank showroom

During Your Visit

When you arrive at our showroom, you’ll meet one of our sales reps.

They will take you through our showroom, showing you hundreds of square feet of wide plank floors that are installed throughout the space. This includes species like white oak, reclaimed heart pine, and American cherry, with different variations such as live sawn, select, and character grade floors, plus wirebrushed floors — all in varying widths.

The sales rep will then:

  • Gather information about your preferences based on what you see in our showroom. 
  • Get details on your project deadline, budget, requirements, and lifestyle (e.g. how many pets and kids you have, how much foot traffic your floors will get, etc.)
  • From there, the rep will make recommendations about which flooring to choose for your project. We will always give you a few different options to choose from.

After Your Visit

Once your order is placed, the floor you select will be custom milled to your exact specifications and/or the specifications of your contractor.

Once done, the floor will be delivered straight to your jobsite. We’ll coordinate with your contractor and any other relevant professionals working on your project to figure out the timeframe and recommend products for stain, finish, etc. We will also send guidelines and instructions for installation.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Wide Plank Showroom

Click here for more information on our wide plank showroom. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or call us at 877-697-5265 to schedule an appointment to visit. 

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