White-washed and gray wide plank floors are one trend that you don’t want to miss out on, especially if your old wood floors are looking a little worn.

There are various flooring trends and techniques out there, all for different types of homes and purposes. However, it seems that recently gray and white-washed wide plank hardwood flooring has become a favorite, and for good reason!

Hardwood flooring – the wider, the better!

Why choose wide plank floors? There are a number of reasons why they’ve become popular over the past several years.

Since wide planks are larger than traditional strip flooring, they make the space they are placed in appear even larger. It opens up the room, elongating it and with the use of fewer planks than it would take to cover the same room with strip floors. As an added bonus, wider planks mean there are fewer seams. This makes the floor a lot easier to clean and makes it harder for dirt to be trapped within the planks.

Gray or white-washed? A tough choice!

Over the past few years, grays and whites have seen a surge in popularity in interior design in general, so it follows that they have also become popular choices when it comes to staining hardwood floors. Many homeowners have taken a special liking to contemporary look for their homes, and gray or white-washed wide planks are a great way to achieve this look. Both gray and white are neutral and versatile colors that blend well with various other colors and textures.

Gray floors set a calming and sophisticated mood to any room and  adding a mix of furniture styles and accessories can further modernize and refresh the space. Not to mention, with a color such as gray, any loose dirt and grime is harder to see.

White-washed floors can help to create a light and airy feel, as the light color opens the living space. The soft muted look of the flooring makes it easy to work in a variety of interior design styles. White-washed flooring can be especially useful in creating a vintage or farmhouse look.

Gray-aged wide plank floors: Artistic and DIY-friendly

Gray-aged white oak floor

The technique of gray washing gives your floors an intriguing texture and updated look. Color washing allows for the color to be implemented on to the wood panels while allowing for the natural wood grain to show and still be texturized.

Gray and white washing techniques give the flooring a rustic look, providing the perfect base when developing or updating any space. Although gray and white washed planks are available to be purchased and be professionally laid for convenience, you can make a fun DIY project out of it if you’re willing to try your hand at the process. Be sure to test out your mixture and technique on scrap wood before applying it to the floor, and consult a wood floor professional if it’s too far out of your wheelhouse. Click here to view our guide on gray-washing a white oak floor with vinegar and steel wool.

If you have any questions about gray or white-washed wide plank floors, reach out to us at info@wideplankfloorsupply.com or call 877-697-5265.

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