Wide plank flooring is one of the most luxurious flooring materials that a homeowner can select for their interior renovations. Highly regarded for its charming aesthetic, premium wood species options, and reliably durable construction, wide plank flooring is ideal for any individual who seeks class, sophistication, and authentic value.

This year, white oak has risen as one of the most popular wide plank flooring options amongst consumers. This sustainable, domestically sourced flooring features a Janka Hardness Rating of 1360, making it one of the most resilient materials available on the market. Additionally, it’s available in a tremendous variety of colors, allowing homeowners to find an option that complements the rest of their home. Here’s a look at some of the most exquisite white oak color options available now.

Best Stain for White Oak

Or at least some of our favorites this year

White Oak Raw

white oak raw wide plank

With no coloration, treatment, or alterations, white oak raw displays the natural tones, grains, and hues found in this wood species. Its mild light brown tones imbue warmness throughout the residence, providing a classic, homey feel that cannot be achieved with other colored wood varieties. Raw is perfect for rustic homes that require a toned-down visual appeal that ties together the space in an unassuming manner.

White Oak Molasses

white oak molasses wide plank floor

In contrast to the light and airy feel provided by raw white oak, white oak molasses offers a rich, welcoming, and relaxed atmosphere. This darker stain is perfect for interiors that utilize vintage-style lighting and are accented by antique furniture. When this flooring is combined with these elements, it creates a smooth, flowing ambiance that’s characteristic of elegance.

White Oak Granite

white oak granite wide plank floor

With subtle gray overtones, the granite blends contemporary elements into the natural grain of white oak. This lighter hue excels at accenting the generous diameter of wide plank flooring, helping to make an interior space feel more open and breathable. Compared to other lighter flooring options, white oak granite does not always require a minimalist aesthetic, meaning it is the perfect companion for both architecturally modern and classically designed homes.

White Oak Canyon

white oak canyon wide plank floor

Canyon is a stunning and unique oak stain that’s best suited to homes with a rugged, in-vogue style. Its brighter tones and red accents bring out the expansiveness of the natural world within a home, helping to seamlessly transition the interior into its natural surroundings. Perfect for residences that embody the desert landscape, white oak canyon offers a refreshing design that can make any home appear like it has been effortlessly constructed in the reflection of beauty.

White Oak Oyster

The white oak oyster wood gently bleaches the natural pigments found in oak, creating a free-flowing flooring aesthetic that broadens a home’s interior. The white and light gray additions to this flooring work best in minimalist, Bohemian, and Scandinavian-style rooms, helping to expand the visual energy of the space. At the same time, this floor pairs surprisingly well with traditional-style homes that feature more classic accents and furniture pieces.

White Oak Antique Mahogany

white oak antique mahogany wide plank floor

Antiquity will always provide character, personality, and luxuriousness to a home. White oak antique mahogany offers homeowners a refined, deep-toned flooring option that helps bring out the character of any interior. The rich colors found in this wide plank flooring variety can seamlessly complement wooden fixtures, area rugs, and leather upholstery. Additionally, it’s a fantastic option for individuals who are seeking the look of red oak without sacrificing durability. 

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No matter what your desired aesthetic is, Wide Plank Floor Supply has the breathtaking flooring options that are necessary to transform a home’s interior into a masterpiece. While our raw, molasses, granite, canyon, oyster, and antique mahogany woods have been thoroughly enjoyed by countless customers, we offer a range of other personalized options as well, including the following:

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