Walnut wood flooring has a uniquely timeless appearance, allowing it to complement modern and rustic settings alike. 

Natural Beauty

Walnut is well-loved for its elegant yet natural look, so it’s not a wood that is commonly stained. It is

 known for its rich, variable hues and beautiful burls. The heartwood, varying from deep chocolate brown to purplish black, often features a lustrous sheen, while the sapwood, a creamy white color,

 presents a striking contrast. This stark color variation is a signature characteristic of walnut wood, making it highly sought after for its visually appealing and distinctive aesthetic. Walnut flooring also features unique markings, graining patterns, and occasional checking

Walnut’s Durability

American Walnut Wide Plank Floors

The Janka hardness rating of American Walnut is 1010, so not nearly as high as Brazilian Walnut,

 which comes in at 3680. But it still is considered strong and durable enough for many spaces. It may not be the best choice for high-traffic areas, as it is more prone to being scuffed and scratched. But when properly cared for, it maintains a regal look for years to come.

Interested in Walnut Wide Plank Floors?

If you’re looking for flooring with natural character, then walnut might be the right choice for you.

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