We recently had the pleasure of creating a custom wide plank floor for a family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We were able to help the homeowner’s vision of a rustic, old-fashioned floor come to life from beginning to end, and we think the end result is fantastic––take a look.

A Truly Rustic Look

This is an engineered, reclaimed, skip planed white oak specified exterior barn wood prefinished with Bona Naturale. The flooring features beautiful warm brown tones from the original patina of the barn wood, and black tones from the skip-planing process making for a uniquely rustic wide plank floor.

The combination of the natural patina which developed in the wood over time as well as the weathering that it was exposed over the years creates a very rustic look in this floor.

This flooring was reclaimed from barn wood, giving lending to a unique natural patina from the weathering that the wood was subjected to over time. Our reclaimed flooring is sourced from wood that has been carefully dismantled to maintain as much of the original character as possible. This allows the floors to showcase unique characteristics of old buildings that can’t be easily reproduced with new lumber, including wormholes, nail holes, natural cracks, and the rich natural patina of a lifetime of weathering.

The fact that the floor is engineered means that it will experience less fluctuation in response to humidity changes.

The flooring was also skip planed, meaning that there are circular saw marks throughout the wood, which further enhances its rustic character.

The untouched, natural, sheen-free look lets the true nature of the floor come through. The planks vary from 2’ to 10′ in length, adding an additional element of visual interest and appeal to the room.

Getting Specific to Create a Truly Custom Floor

This floor in particular is truly one-of-a-kind because we were able to specify that the customer wanted white oak and exterior barn wood only. Most mills do not allow you to get so specific when ordering wood––rather, they offer “cookie cutter” floors, as Wide Plank Floor Supply rep Chris What Sets Us Apart? | Wide Plank Floor SupplySullivan explains in the video. Our unique partnership with our mill enables us to get very specific so that we can create made-to-order flooring for our customers, allowing us to meet a variety of design needs. This floor was truly made to order and customized for the customer down to very specific and important details.

In addition to everything else, this floor is very eco-friendly and sustainable. The fact that it is reclaimed means that new growth did not have to be cut down to make this floor. Additionally, it is maintained properly, this floor will last forever.

Creating Your Perfect Wide Plank Floor

We can help you make your vision come to life…we have a variety of species and treatments available. Reclaimed, engineered, solid, prefinished––there are many different options to choose from. We pride ourselves on being able to create a truly unique, custom floor for every single customer we serve.

Click here to browse the options we have available for custom wide plank flooring.

View more pictures of this project by clicking here.

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