We get a lot of questions regarding our higher price points compared to the big box stores. What sets us apart? The simple truth is that Wide Plank Floor Supply offers a number of benefits you just won’t get from other wide plank flooring distributors.

There are three main factors which set us apart from other companies: our process, our expertise, and the timeless beauty offered by our wide plank floors.

Difference #1: Our Process

We utilize a winning combination of traditional techniques and new technology to mill all of our custom-made wide plank floors.

We have an extensive quality control process in place. Once the milling process is done, each and every board is inspected and properly graded by wood floor experts before moving on to the next step.

Every single floor that comes out of our mill is handled by wood floor craftsmen with years of experience in the industry.

All of our raw wood is then kiln-dried for added stability. Unlike the wide plank floors you’ll find from other distributors, all of our floor boards are then end-matched, regardless of width, which provides the most stable board joints and ensures that your flooring will last decades to come.

In addition, our wide plank flooring passes regulations set by the California Air Research Board regarding formaldehyde

Difference #2: Our Expertise

Another major factor that sets us apart from competing distributors is the fact that we have wood floor specialists on our team who can assist you in finding the perfect flooring for your project.

Most of the other distributors are really just looking to push their products on consumers. However, at Wide Plank Floor Supply, our process couldn’t be more different. Our wood floor experts consult with everyone who comes through our doors to help them find the best options for their individual projects.

If you’re local to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, you are always welcome to visit our wide plank flooring showroom to see a variety of species such as maple, ash, and reclaimed heart pine, all of which we have installed as flooring. We have done this so that you can see the floors in action and actually walk on them in order to get a feel for each of them during your consultation.

Whether you’re a homeowner, an interior designer, or a business owner looking for a new floor, our wood floor consultants are dedicated to helping you find the floors that will work best for you and your project. 

Difference #3: Timeless beauty

People sometimes experience sticker shock because engineered wide plank floors are more expensive than those offered in big box stores. This is due to the simple reason that our floors are of much higher quality.

Our engineered wide plank floors have a veneer layer that’s 4 millimeters, which is just slightly thinner than the wear layer of a solid hardwood floor!

All of our floors, including the engineered floors, contain wood produced from domestic trees which grow in Northern Pennsylvania and upstate New York, which is the hardest and cleanest-grown wood in the industry.

Each and every single one of our floors is completely custom made. We do not produce our floors ahead of time––when you order one of our wide plank floors, whether it’s solid or engineered, it is milled and produced for you and according to the specifications of your project. We do this both to create floors that are perfect for each project and due to the fact that any inventory we have would warp over time while sitting on a shelf in our warehouse.

Our floors are built to perform and last 100-plus years, unlike what you’ll find in the big box stores.

Click here to browse our selection of custom wide plank floors online, or schedule an appointment to visit our showroom.

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