There’s an undeniable thrill that comes with each new project we undertake, but some capture our imagination more than others. Such is the case with our recent collaboration with Rarify, the iconic designer furniture hub that’s opening a new showroom in the heart of South Philadelphia. We are elated to announce that our 6″ solid white oak floors have been installed in Rarify’s brand-new showroom on Bainbridge Street ahead of their grand opening.

solid six inch white oak rarity showroom floors From the moment the Rarify team approached us to source wood floors for their new showroom, we knew something extraordinary was on the horizon. The synergy between our dedication to quality and their eye for unique, sophisticated design promised a result that would be nothing short of spectacular.

Our white oak floors, known for their stunning grain patterns and robustness, are the perfect foundation for Rarify’s showroom. Each 6″ plank is a canvas, displaying the organic beauty of the oak. This isn’t just wood; it’s a statement of luxury and timelessness that will be sure to resonate with the showroom’s visitors. Rarify wanted to be sure to source local wood for their flooring, so our floors were the perfect choice since they are made right here in Pennsylvania.

Rarify is set to showcase an array of curated pieces that speak to the heart of design innovation—and what better stage than a floor that reflects the same attention to detail and quality? white oak wide plank rarity showroom floors

But it’s not just about aesthetics. The durability of solid white oak ensures that this floor will maintain its allure for decades, even under the foot traffic of Philadelphia’s most discerning design aficionados. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing not just flooring, but a lasting investment for properties that aspire to a higher standard of elegance and craftsmanship.

This showroom is set to be a beauty, indeed—a symphony of style and substance where every square foot of our white oak flooring will contribute to the narrative of luxury and impeccable taste curated by Rarify.

Click here to view our selection of wide plank floors.

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