There are plenty of different design styles that people can choose for their homes. One style that has soared in popularity in recent years is the rustic look. While the rustic trend has been around for quite some time, time, vacation homes have increasingly taken on this look, and this has really boosted its overall popularity in the interior design space.

Here are some thoughts about how vacation homes have popularized this style.

Understanding the rustic look

Rustic homes are focused on the simplicity and ruggedness of nature, which offers its own unique beauty. Rustic style is achieved by incorporating elements from nature or elements that are inspired by nature, such as concrete, distressed or weathered wood, and stone. There are many natural elements that you can choose from, which means that you can really make the rustic look uniquely you. As far as color schemes go, you will usually want to stick with neutrals like creamy whites or beiges in order to best complement the simplicity of this style.

There are different types of rustic looks to consider, such as:

  • Farmhouse Style, which is the most traditional style of rustic design.
  • Modern Farmhouse Style, a modern take on the traditional style that you would see on certain popular remodeling shows. Usually incorporates wood and steel as primary elements throughout the space.  
  • Modern Rustic Style, which takes inspiration from the mid-century modern style and combines it with rustic elements. An example of this could be open spaces paired with exposed elements such as wooden beams or exposed brick.

This is a style that is very popular in vacation homes, particularly cabins on lakes or in the mountains. The rustic look in these vacation homes was aimed at incorporating some of that amazing natural beauty into the home. The popularity of this style in vacation homes has in turn had a significant impact on the style of everyday homes.

Key features of the rustic look

Now that you know the basics of rustic looks, here are some key features to expect in a rustic design.

Real wood


Distressed wide plank floors

Incorporating real wood is an absolute must when going with a rustic design. This is very common in the rustic look, especially when it comes to things like wooden beams or distressed, reclaimed wide plank floors. In many cases, the real wood features in this design style are the focal points of the space, adding character and charm. Distressed wide plank wood flooring can be a great choice if you want something that is warm and offers plenty of character while complementing the other nature-inspired aspects of the design. 

Varying textures

Layers and textures are very important to this type of design. You want the grittiness of using natural materials like real stone and wood. Adding textural variety throughout the space will make it more aesthetically appealing while harkening back to the complexity of nature.


Rustic interior design

In addition to the natural elements in the space, simplicity is so important when it comes to this design option. The focus should be on the natural materials used in the space. Flashy wall colors or bold patterns are usually not ideal in this case.

In conclusion…

Vacation homes, especially lakeside and mountain homes, are primarily responsible for the surge in popularity of rustic interior design. You can easily see the popularity of rustic designs when you watch many of the design shows on popular home improvement channels. Items like distressed or reclaimed wide plank flooring can add character and aesthetic appeal to any space. That’s why these are so popular today, even in the design world outside of vacation homes. If you are looking to add character to a new remodeling project, the rustic look could be exactly what you need.

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